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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Wrestler

Summary: Mickey Rourke plays Randy The Ram a washed out wrestler who tries to make a comeback in the wrestling business. He fell in love with a stripper and also worked as a shop assistant.

The Good: Mickey Rourke knows how to be washed-up (after all he used to be a wash up himself.) The depressing the drugs, definitely seem very surreal. Marisa Tomei seems fit to be a stripper and she was a great supporting actress, noticeable but not hogging all the limelight. The roles were cast perfectly, its like the Je Ne Sais Quoix of fate that rarely happens in movie industries. Kudos to the casting director. Evan Rachel Wood also played her role very well as a neglected, demented teenager. Great story as it depicts how washed up someone washed up can be

The Bad: Some camera angles were disappointing. What is worse is the portrayal of the wrestling industry. They wrestle in the club and take steroids for god's sake. It feels as if they do not earn enough. I wish it were to be more prominent like the WWE. Giving it a very dirty and horrible image on it. There were also a few boring parts.

Overall: 4/5. The Wrestler needs to thank the actors for their very believable portrayals. Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood had great chemistry with the characters and each other that makes the movie come alive. If it were not for them, it will be like some crappy indie movie.

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