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Monday, March 02, 2009

This is where I spent my weekend

Sorry for the lack of update guys.
I spent a weekend at this place
Can you guess?
Take a look at the pics below.

Have you guessed where I am yet?
This is where Louis Vuitton's flagship store is

How about now?
This is a delicious delicacy, exotic and pretty much downright tasty.
Yeah, I tasted it, and yums*

A famous hotel is situated here
Really fancy
I am staying behind it though
But its good to know that I am staying near a real famous hotel

This is a famous landmark where the buildings in front of it are all famous branded stores, one of the world's famous avenues, this is the tip of the iceberg.

We are at a famous church.
A Disney movie is made here
And by now, you should know where I am, yeah?
If not the picture below explains where I am CLEARLY.
Come on, even a three year old know where is this place.
Its so damn fucking obvious.

Aww! Come on! If you read till its down here, then you must be damn stupid!
Let me spell it out for you
In bold and in the largest possible font, caps somemore:


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