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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Watchmen = Must Watch


A former superhero was murdered and the world is on the verge of nuclear destruction. Experts say that the end of the world is very near. The cold war will be over and an all out war will breakout. To restore peace on earth? What do you have to do?

The Good:
Watchmen has a very impressive plot. Its twisted, its dark and obviously very anti-hero. It really keeps me at my feet. It makes you thought at first that there is a murderer after the superheros and it keeps you on edge all the time. The camera angles are superb as they really do make you feel that the attacker is going to strike at anytime. It really kept me on the edge a lot. But it then reveals there is a whole another different story that what it actually perceives, the motive of the murder is actually something very gruesome and it involves millions of lives. It will also leave you thinking, is it right or is it down right wrong? The actors played their part very well. Best actor definitely goes to Jackie Earle Haley who plays Rorschach in the film. An Oscar for this movie? Maybe not as the Oscar season has just ended but for MTV Movie Awards, then yes.

This movie is also great because it is not your traditional Superman comes and saves the day type by making the impossible, possible. Its about using the possible options available to save the world and stabilize the planet with making the fatalities as low as possible. It is also kick to the gonads for Singaporean movies who always try to make every movie a fucking moral lesson which is ridiculous. This is why I stay away from any movie that is Asian. For a serious tone in the movie there are some disturbing comical elements in it.

The Bad:
Can you stand sitting for 2 and a half hours where an overweight bastard sitting behind you and chews popcorn LOUDLY and makes you wonder if he spits some at the back of your hair. Thank God no farting, burping or sudden heart attacks happen. I pity the chair though, having to support such weight. Anyway, the length of the movie is really really long and the movie is a wee bit over the top and very overdone. Plus it does not really suit most people's taste. Hippies find it too violent, idiots find it confusing and boring and people with weird fetishes will have a hard-on and village idiots will be shocked by some girl-on-girl action. It really is for people who are deep into the comic.

3 out of five. Good movie, though not among the best. Watchmen is still a must watch basically it is just visibly different from other sci-fi/comic book movies. There is a little something for everyone in it. Idiots who think killing is ''funny'' and ''cool'', conspiracy theorists and anarchists, a good love story and loads of drama and action with a hint of comedy. Problem is the time is long and the movie is like steak on the brink of becoming burnt. And it really does not suit's other people's taste as political drama/ sci-fi are not really the ones bringing in the big bucks. But like I said, a must watch just cause it is different.

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