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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Singapore... Airport

No, its not the tropical South East Asian rain forest. Notice the lights? I am in the airport. Changi Airport to be precise.

The picture above is the Skytrain, its a train that gets you between the three terminals of Singapore. Terminal one serves all other airlines, terminal two services Asian airlines (i think) like Malaysia airlines and Silk air while terminal three serves major cities around the world (Frankfurt, London, Paris, etc.)

This is TCC, a contender to Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Nice place.

My aunt had the White Lady (dunno what the concoction is) while I had some ice blended mocha with red bean in it, apparently the Japanese likes to put red bean in their coffee. The menu said its from Japan so I guess its like that. Any REAL Japanese or someone who ACTUALLY LIVES in Japan more than 2 weeks can confirm this? Anyway, you pretentious Japanese wannabes can stuff read beans in your coffee and watch Naruto, pretending you can understand fucking Japanese.

This is a plate. It serves as a place for you to put your food on. No, I have seen a plate before, I took it cause I like the angle. What? I like taking pictures at different angles! You don't like it?

My aunt taking a picture of me. Not a bad job. The design in here seems like a little mismatched for me, honestly. But it depicts the outright obvious vision of a expatriate living in Singapore. It looks modern and contemporary but there is an obvious aura of superficiality and mismatched collaborations.

Look! TCC advert again, I live the cute little chocolate hearts on the coffee cup.

Bvlgari, I have been obsessed with it since the Britney Spears Circus video. I tried Bvlgari perfume, unfortunately, our chemistry do not match.

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