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Friday, August 14, 2009

R.I.P. Madam Leong Wei Yan

It wasn't until late in the evening that I discovered what my mom told me in the afternoon was actually true.
My form teacher for the first three years of primary school, Madam Leong has passed away.
She had contracted Stage Three Cervical Cancer which spread to her colon and intestines just like Jade Goody
It honestly sucks.

At first, honestly, I was in denial
I mean come on, there are probably so many Madam Leongs in my primary school, it can't be her right.
I didn't think too much about it because, it comes from my brother, Ryan who obviously is someone who is a little inattentive and doesn't bother much.
And when my cousin can't remember the exact name, I still put it off.
It was until Audrey told me her name, and it hit me

The experience is something like a large tsunami wave crushing you with a full force of hardcore reality.
She was dead.
She passed on, and I felt guilty for being in denial about it and not going to pay my last respects or buy every freaking copy of Chinese Newspaper to read about it just to know the location of the funeral.
Stupid rain, for discouraging me to doing some investigating.

As I remember the lady who used to drag my mother all the way from her job just to complain about my messy homework, my seriously messy textbooks that look like the dog chew it while in fact, the bag chewed it.
Which earned me my first school nickname (xian chai or kiam chai or salted vegetables)
I know its the bag because I have no dog at the time.
I am fucking serious!
My old bags can chew books, vomit crayons and blacken my pencils.
Its the BAG's FAULT *pouts*
I am really serious about this!

It really got me thinking
She was one of the person responsible for changing and developing me into the man that I am today.
Teachers not only teach you and give you information and knowledge about the subjects you are supposed to learn. But they are also cultivators and facilitators of your personality and make you the person you are today.
Though we may not realize it at the time due to our young sense of immaturity and the time that ages our minds where some memories will be forever lost, as we grow up to be the young men and women standing here today, we are the results of our teacher's nurture.
I mean look at me, from a messy little boy who used to hide lunch boxes and puke in the school drawer has matured into a young man, who is addicted to fashion, TV, acting, photography and SHOPPING! Who is also probably gay-looking (okay, TV has to do with this)
Fine, VERY GAY LOOKING and the gay fantasies won't help either. (Fuck you! Jonathan Rhys Meyers! Then again, FUCK ME Jonathan Rhys Meyers)

Anyway, Madam Leong was a no nonsense teacher, when she was strict, she can be seriously strict, but she always has some sort of warmth emanating from her.
Its so weird that in the past, I used to hate her guts.
Oh right, I was a kid who thinks that he is supposed to be the center of everything.
I still do by the way. *winks*

Well, there is nothing else to do but mourn and have a moment of silence
Boy, times like these makes you realize how short life is.
I felt guilty for not knowing this sooner
But instead of me going to visit her, she came and visit me, in a form of a snail

Now I dunno if its Buddhism or just my way of thinking about life.
But during the night after the burial of someone important to me or any member of the family, give or take a few days
A creature will enter my house in a very weird way.
When my grandad died, there was like a dragonfly roaming around every room downstairs as if it was surveying the house.
My family or specifically, my dad said it was my grandfather.
And now its snails!
In front of my front porch was a ridiculously large snail
It was as large as a tiny rabbit!
It was humongous! I tell you!
See! The pics!

I assumed it was Madam Leong 'visiting' me and Darren.
Darren, being the coward that he is, ran away from it like the Chicken it is, Ryan followed suit!
My mom was puking and screaming 'Poisonous' every 5 seconds!
For those of you who say Darren or Ryan are the more manly type brother of the family, eat my shorts.
Then while my mom was folding clothes, she found another snail hanging on Ryan's sock.
You should have seen how she freaked out and squealed like a pig, hilarious, no video since its spur of the moment.
But I guess it was funny, haha
Thanks for visiting Madam Leong, and telling me that you are fine (Assumed since she visited).

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Mysterious God Of Light said...

Sorry to hear your lost...

It's a good thing to remember those who aided and taught you. She'll be glad if she knows that you still remind us you beloved teacher.

God Bless =)