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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cast of my life

If my current life is to be a like some kind of scripted drama, which no doubt would be absolutely boring because most of the footage would probably be me acting like a drug addict on the peak of euphoria and cracking up crazily. You know, all I need is a male BLONDE sidekick to do the more nastier things. Haha, *hint* *hint* then we have this show which is a 'The Simple Life' ripoff called 'The High Boys' starring me and said crazy blonde teen (Macaulay Culkin or Aaron Carter?). I was thinking of wrapping someone's car with toilet paper since he always put on a shitty face in school, lol. (Obviously scripted duh, so what if the guy's car get teepeed because he is a shithead, he would get paid for it obviously. Like a few hundred bucks AT LEAST, plus the plate number would be mosiaced/blurred/blocked.) Also, we have to have a super computer for editing and uploading, you would not believe how large the file is of an original filmed movie via webcam is, if it were on a DVD cam corder in HD?

Unfortunately, I don't have a crazy male blonde teen so yeah the show wouldn't work nor a DVD cam corder and I am pretty sure my NEC will commit suicide with the large files of footage. So here is the cast members of the untitled, unfilmed, unscripted show that nobody knows about starring Brendan Goh, aka my life. Unless I am a celebrity of course. Oh btw, season 1 is Foundation sem 1, season 2 is foundation sem 2, and season 3 is degree and so forth. My show would be Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill thrown into a blender with a little garnish of Grey's Anatomy.

Principal Cast aka Main Characters

Brendan Goh (Season 1- present)

Its me, the unpredicably creative and somewhat nutty guy who is depressed because he is stuck in Swinburne but is not so depressed anymore. *hint* Somehow, his depression unwillingly attracts a lot of attention. Obviously I am Gabrielle Solis aka Eva Longoria Parker adding a little Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) flair of Gossip Girl and the inspiration of Chad Michael Murray's character plus some Brooke Davis drama.

Kong Siaw Wee (Season 2- present)

The reason why KSW is my number two is because, she is my number two. I always know that no matter what, Siaw Wee is a girl I know who will always have my back! I trust her a lot and I trust her judgment. She is considered to be one of my truest friends. I am pretty sure and I hope that in future we are and will be life-long friends. She is honestly, the nicest being on Earth and I am glad to have a friend like her. I call her the Susan Mayer (optimistic side) of my life because she always knows what to say. Her relationship with me is a tight and close bond but strictly platonic and not romantic.

Belinda Liew (Season 1- present)

Belinda Liew is a former wushu athlete who is also a scholarship student. Real smart, pretty and always hardworking, a real good potential wife if it were not the wushu background. She is confident about herself and always strives to improve herself. Backing her up is her ever loyal boyfriend, Kian Hoong. You can say she looks pretty much perfect but deep inside, I see she is like any other normal girl. I stick with Belinda because she is realistic, keeps me grounded and inspires me that we can always get something right for once or at least create a facade that we are perfect. She is sort of like the Bree Hodge/Izzie Stevens composite of my life.

Yuyun Tansari Tan (Season 1- Present)

Yuyun is small, cute and sweet. She is always the gentle soul of the bunch. Something like a mini Peyton Sawyer with the Katherine Mayfair power. She also has a somewhat of a subtle but powerful inner strength in her that I seriously find it so cool.

Kee Jia Jin (Season 1- present)

Another hardowrking girl who always has the best tips to save. A college version of Lynette Scavo I guess. She is nice but she like Yuyun has an inspirational strength in her. I don't get her humor but well at least she has some. Which is great. She also reminds me of Vanessa Abrams of Gossip Girl for some reason.

Giuliano Chang (Previously Recurring, Season 3- present)

Guiliano is like my only guy friend ever since Martin left and Guhan and I don't really hang around anyomre. We have some common ground with WWE but I like Divas and he likes Randy Orton getting his ass kicked. He is a little mixture of Dan Humphrey with the nerdy Mouth of One Tree Hill adding in some Nate confidence.

Bianca (Season 3- Present)

Bianca was a girl from Lodge who transferred to Swinburne. Goofy and extremely fun to hang around with. For the few marketing sessions I knew her, she and I got along real well. She would be something like Edie but less bitchy and more fun, add in a little Brooke Penelope Davis. Also a free spirit like Serena Van Der Woodsen.

Yeah, that is my principal cast, next is the former cast, which I will also talk about but the recurring characters, I would not because I don't know much about them and lazy to write my opinions about them. I write about these people because I have known them for a long time or more well compared to others and consider them my friends (except for Bianca but add her in because she is so interesting and different from others)

Former Cast Members

Audrey Tan (Season 1-2)

Audrey was a real fun girl, that I had a lot of great laughs with. Dramatic, interesting and extremely funny, her attitude just cracks me up and makes her very likable even though it is somewhat whiny. She should enter the Big Brother House because I am sure she has a great chance in winning. Its a 100,000 dollars by the way! I think, lol. She can really be the life and soul of the party with just one sentence 'I want Ice Cream'. Other famous quotes are 'Why are you so slow/stupid', in a very loud and whiny manner. 'Lazy' and 'Brendan... '(in a warning tone) are another few more examples.

Johanna Lorencia (Previously Recurring, Season 2)

Johanna is a girl who is always calm and level headed. The chick is always helpful to others and is somewhat like a rock. She took a break and will return in Season 4.

Martin Nguyen (Season 2)

Martin is a such a sweet, fun, innocent and extremely cute looking guy that is a great potential of a boyfriend. Think David Archuleta but a little more adult. He is back in Vietnam awaiting to join RMIT Vietnam. Fiercely loyal, this guy will definitely be a good person to keep.

Guhan (Season 2, currently recurring)

Guhan is a great and nice guy who chews a lot of mint flavored gum. Since I allergic to mint since the smell makes me gag and my mouth will foam is I tasted it, I usually try not to talk to him much if he has gum breath. Its strictly for my well being. He is a guy who has a passion for cricket and is someone who is genuinely concerned about you.

Tan Meng Siang (Season 1, recurring Season 2)

A guy that is so fun to hang around with but since he is in a different course, I rarely see him these days.

Anderson Lai (Season 2)

He was my friend but a misunderstanding drifted us apart, refer to previous posts for the whole juicy gossip. The ball is in his court now. If he and I can be friends, sure, I think I can manage that and remove the TTYN ban, but it will be awkward, enough said.

Recurring Cast Members are people who I actually talk to or at least recognize in the hallway(hope I don't forget anyone)
Recurring Cast Members

Jilly Tagore (Season 1- present)
Stephanie Seem (Season 1- present)
Kong Pei Long (Season 1- present)
Ling Sing Jin (Season 1, recurring Season 2- present)
Kelvin Jong (Season 1- present)
Joshua Leong (Season 1- present)
Bryan Lee (Season 1- present)
Andy Law (Season 1- present)
Elton Jong (Season 1- present)
Yong Kiat Seng (Season 1- present)
Jacqueline Kong (Season 1- present)
Edina Chong (Season 1- present)
Ashik Rahman (Season 1- present)
Sherrie Pui (Season 1- present)
Lam Mun Yin (Season 1- present)
Evelyn Gan (Season 2- present)
Doreen Wong (Season 2- present)
Liu Kian Hoong (Season 2- present)
Liaw Min Chiong (Season 2- present)
Cheryl (Season 3- present)
Alvin (Season 3- present)

To my principal cast members, I really did not mean to offend you, I just want to show how great you people are and how you influence my life. Think of it as a tribute or a thank you for being in my life and helping me to learn and grow as time passes. If it is offensive, then, I shall put on a password protection (if there is) or just delete it. Hope it doesn't change our friendship.


Jake Lo said...

Oh my gosh, I love Gossip Girl too!

Mysterious God Of Light said...

Hmm... I'm not eligible to be in the list.

(Shame on me) XD

Brendan Goh said...

lol, MOi, you are on guest role

Jake, XOXO, lolx.