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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Back to School (Not liking it)

So I am going back to school on Monday
I am not exactly thrilled
I am not exactly ecstatic
I am not exactly hyperventilating out of excitement
I am pretty much... gloomy

I absolutely HATE Swinburne now
All those unrequited feelings of artificial anxiety just immediately creeps back in
I dunno if its because of the less time me and my mates will spend together
Or the fact that I will definitely turn some people the wrong way
Since we have to fight like savages, cavemen, wild animals or mindless drones of chaotic insanity for spots in the tutorials

Yeah, tomorrow is going to be interesting.
Oh, I am thinking of joining the drama club
I felt as if its time for me to get back to my roots
A 2 year hiatus from acting is enough I guess
Since I felt that Swinburne has so much suppressed emotions, I need a place to let it all out
So yeah
I have decided to go back to acting
Biggest decision I made in quite a while
So, where the fuck do I sign up?


Mysterious God Of Light said...

I thought u're trying to get 'Away' fron Swinburne?

Changed ur mind?

God Bless =)

Brendan Goh said...

I failed trying to get away from Swinburne, that's why I am stuck there, it is like prison.

Mysterious God Of Light said...

I would like to see ur version of "Prison Break". Haha~

God Bless =)

munyin said...

LOL, for the mean time i don't think there'll be any drama meeting, but i'll just put in your name if you really wanna join :) cheers! lol, feeling the same too. sighs, oh swinburne. >.<

Chester Chin said...

Love your new layout and mariah's 'obsessed' is cool but they are overplaying it on the radio :(