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Thursday, August 06, 2009

CHEEBYE!!!! Paula Abdul Quits Idol

Words cannot express my utter disappointment of Paula Abdul choosing to leave Idol.
So I decided to express it in the utterly trashy Ah Beng way




Now, that has been settled.

I really loved Paula Abdul in Idol
I love her arguing with Simon
I love that she always find the positives instead of the negatives
Which all bloody Asians that do not accept criticisms love it.
I love how she contrasts with Simon
Simon is like the arsehole of the father who you wish you never had
Paula is like the mom who is caring and nuturing
Kara is the creative and no nonsense aunt
while Randy
Well, they should just fire Randy
All he says is nonsense, its just 'dawg' ok?
So honestly, it just sucks that Paula is leaving Idol.
Worse of all, I have to find it out while Twittering

As for you die hard Twilight fans, you guys should so listen to Blue October
They are an indie band that is the main inspiration of the whole Twilight thing
Stephanie Meyer says that there are songs playing in her head during scenes in the book
Personally I like 'I Never'
Because it is how Taylor Lautner's character feels for Kristin Stewart's character aka Jacob Black and Bella Swan

I love Taylor Lautner
Well in truth I Love Taylor Lautner's BODY
I WANT to have his body
But unfortunately mine is close to the bodies of Seth Rogen or Jonah Hill (I know, sad)
Anyway, he is 17
So I don't think its good for me, or girls my age (statutory rape)
But at least its good to admire from afar
Okay, its not good, its creepy
Very Very Creepy
But still I wouldn't mind to worship that kind of body
I wonder though
If I am ever casted in Breaking Dawn (if they allow a male Asian vampire to be in it where that aforementioned Asian vampire to suck the blood of Taylor Lautner's neck) hahahaha yum!!!
Oh shit
I drooled on my keyboard!
Damn it!
Okay, I leave you with this really really really really really really HOT pic of Taylor Lautner

But please be careful, make sure your mouth is taped to avoid drool
Get a watch to be aware of the time you spent drooling at the hot body
And guys, please don't make a mess in your trousers (thank god I didn't)
Now I am off to clean my laptop!


Sean Hathaway said...

i can hardly believe Paula is leaving the show; it had to be about the money

Jake Lo said...

Oh my gosh! Brendan, what are you saying when you said 'Don't make a mess in your pants'?!

Brendan Goh said...

Uh according to the Eminem lyrics of 'We Made You'

'Wowzwes I just made a mess in my trousers'

You get the point, guys have it, guys will understand it, its a guy thing

Unless you are some naive peter pan from alice the wonderland then i think you rather not now, I will let the chubby, hairy, male pedophiles teach you that