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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Better than Rachael Yamagata

I am serious, listen to this song
its called maybe by Ingrid Michaelson
I can tell you its so hot.

Mature, risky, sassy.
Oh so adult contemporary, loves it.


Chester Chin said...

the song is catchy but SHE IS NOT BETTER THAN RACHAEL YAMAGATA!!! are you kidding me =p

anyway glad to see that more and more people are listening to indie now...check out 'The Way I Am'. Its from her old album 'Girls and Boys'


Brendan Goh said...

lol, yeah I think she's freaking better than her!!!!
any more songs from your beloved indy singer which you oh so love to stalk?
I am so need of new songs for my iPod, its starving and its choking me with its white headphones for more songs