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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Think Before You Speak (That's So Gay)

I was actually on my way to class for my econs tutorial
Practically a normal day for me.
The morning rush hour was packed as usual where students were rushing to their respective classrooms, ignoring the world and engrossed in their own personal issues and their friends.

And the fact that I seem to dress better than everyone else, just my opinion, haha.
I know, I know
It was extremely self centered of me
But this is a very self centered blog.
After all, I always have an opinion.
Sometimes its more of a flaw than it is an asset, but most of the time, it works my way.

As I entered the elevator lagging my white binder file concealing a thick econs textbook and a stupid UK Army bag though I am sure I got a great deal. (Hello? $238 reduced to $180 reduced to $150 then I ask for another reduction to $100, good deal right?)
After 6 months, the fabric was torn and another lesson learned.

Anyway back to my story, this stupid dumb bitch was yapping whatever shit she was yapping, loudly in the elevator. Which I don't mind, even though her voice was fucking annoying.
Yeah, I have learned to be very tolerant, VERY TOLERANT!
I zoned out my mind with the lovely voice of Cheryl Cole (aka my next spolight segment), singing 'Fight For This Love'
But I did got a few one liners.

Here is how the scene plays out.

Stupid Dumb Bitch =SDB
Her Guy Friend = HGF

SDB: That guy ah so stupid and lame oh
HGF: What
SDB: bla bla bla what so ever
HGF: bla bla bla what so ever
SDB: bla bla bla something about lengzai and lenglui and chi chi maru and whatever.
HGF: bla bla bla bla bla bla
SDB: bla bla bla so stupid, fb, bla bloody bla
SDB: So stupid ah

Then she did the unthinkable, something she did was so degrading and discriminating that I wanna slap the rudeness out of that bitch's face.

Do you know what she said?

Do you know what she said that made me so pissed off that I really wanna vent it off now?

Do you know what she said that made me so angry that although I tried to shrugg it off but I couldn't, hence regretting to tell her off then and there, therefore venting it here in my blog and being assumed as a coward?

Then again, she is an undereducated slut, no use wasting time educating her the sensitivity and the respect she should give to the gay community just like every other races in this melting rice bowl that we should treat as well.

After a short pause she shouted these words.

"GAY, ah"

That stupid bitch

That stupid, slutty, undereducated, discriminating, sexist, fucktarded, bird brained, lopsided breast, trashy, ah lian, douchebag, insulting, degrading, fake, superficial, tacky, nutjob of a bitch.
I personally wonder how her mother would raise such a fowl mouthed fucktard.

Respect is to be earned but respect must also be mutual. There should be some basic boundaries between communities that they should basically tolerate and respect. Gays are now a part of our community, the tales of men loving men or women loving women is now a part of normalcy in our lives and in this modern age.

And to call something gay because it's something stupid, pathetic and degrading? That is just so wrong

It should be so stupid dumb bitch who talks loudly in the elevator where nobody even gives a damn.

I believe the only time that you call something gay, you should call it gay because it is gay, as in a gay person would like it. I think that is appropriate, the stupid dumb bitch however should rot in her and have a cactus penetrate her pussy. Lets see how that feels.

I personally hope my friends and family woulf stop using the word 'gay' as a degrading comment. People are who they are and if you not down with that, I got two words for you


Preferably to Amish county. That way you would not see any gay people arpund and you are free to fuck any women or man you like.

Or somewhere in the jungle where the Malaysian Media drag their nutjobs from. You can agree with them and talk how bad gay people are.

Because in every city, there will be a small gay populous. Whether you choose to deny it or accept it, it's up to you. But the fact still stands, they are gay, they exist and they are damn proud of it.

We as a community, should accept this and we should respect and tolerate their behavior. and if you think that I am the only person who says this? Well, you are wrong, I have Hilary Duff to back me up.

So, in conclusion. I think that we should think before we speak, give it a good rationale thought. If its dumb or stupid then say its dumb or stupid. Don't say its gay, its not good to hate. Just Saying.

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