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Monday, December 18, 2006

Brendan so bored!!!!
I am soooo god damn bored!
There is nothing happening in my life and i am bored
Next year or two weeks later is going to be hell for me
SPM! SPM! Sissy Pathetic Man
My life has come down to one of the most mediocre but crucial moments in my life
Next year, i expect way more tears, torture and horror
I am terrified that i may be stuck here forever!
I WANNA LIVE a life that is where nobody patronizes bi boys
I wanna party in clubs, drive and drink liquor
I wanna have SAFE sex other than my perverted, promiscuous ex-gorlfriend
I wanna meet two people that i have been close to than every single 1 of my classmates combined
In order to get what i want, I must suffer greatly
I know my head will turn to tomato puree by the time SPM is over!
I know that the 17th year of my life is gonna suck
I must prepoare m,yself for the inevitable
I must suceed and prevail
Next year Its TTTKA!!!!!
and i have to be ready.

1 comment:

Aaron said...

Hey, at least is your final year, i still have 6 months after you graduate.
Remember our deal dude.
Sex on your 18th birthday
to commeorate that we fully lost our virginity