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Saturday, December 16, 2006

He was running faster and faster
his heart was beating like a million times a second
Fear has held him on a very tight grip
choking his very breath
he's breath was harder and louder
each pant was showing more and more that he is exhausted.

He was running and suddenly somethng caught him
the hands were firm, hard and strong
suddenly his back felt muscular abs
the hands that caught his shoulders slid down to his hands
suddenly something wet and warm touched his neck
it was someone's lips

His body tingled around him
The electricity sparked in him
making him feel warm and comfortable
his whole body fell on to the mysterious man like melted butter

"Miss me baby"
he turned around and saw the man but he was masked
who are you???
just someone who knows and loves you for a long time

his hands slid to his crotch
he moaned as he fondled and grope them
next thing he knew, he was sucking the man's cock
and cum spewed into his face
the man disappeared
as he looked around with his cum on his face
he licked the cum that are around his lips and asked
who are you for the second time
just call me the cummer
the voice said

That was Aaron's dream
he told me that the next morning, cum was allover his body
TMI for God's sakes
well, as 4 me nuttin much has happen
well, onna post now

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