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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Going crazeh!!!!
Yeah! You know what, to fucking hell with Kyo!!!!!
I can always find another guy from another country that is more kawai than him!
He told me to 4get about him so let's just 4get about him.
So listen to him!

Now that I am SINGLE and free!
I can do anything I want!
F.Y.I, I am in Sweden now.
I am having soooooooo much fun
I am actually sitting in this internet cafe rite now.
It opens 24/7
So I am right now BLOGGING.
Probably be back on Dec 10.
So let me tell ya guys wat am I doin in Sweden.

First, we are staying at some hotel that is sooo 3 star.
which is fine wit me.
Aaron, Nate and Kenji are mah roomates.
Rachel, Alana, Michelle and Colette are just across the room.
Chris, Mika, Dalton and James are on the left.
While our door is conected to Ashley, Julian, Todd and Chad.
The Twinkerbelles aka Julian and Todd really freaks me out
I mean being a bi-sexual is okay
what really freaks me out is not their umm... femininity
but the MAKEUP
Jesus Christ, they look like a buncha clowns/drag queens.

Ewwwwwwwwwwww (shivers)
And they actually act like REAL women
And honestly, they are more ladylike than other girls
Girls, admit it, those two are the most ladylike girls you have ever seen and can pass better at being wives
Imagine them being wivs to Jerome and Thomas
Gawd, that is ssoooooooo funneh!

I have no objections to homos.
I am just afraid of clowns and drag-queens.
No offense to these two though
they are actually Better and Fun without the makeup
and they can pass as eligible bachelors
Okay, okay! Who the fuck I am kidding!!
They are as faggy as a bunch of drag-queens!

So anyway, we went clubbing, partying and well, clubbing.
We also went shopping
We went to play snowballs and build snowmen and ice-skate.
My ass is literally chilled
I suck at ice skating.
Always and I mean ALWAYS falling HARD on mah fucking ASS!
So neewat we also went to the ice hotel where everything is made of ICE!
Soooo cool.
And then we also went tothis icebar where everything is made of ICE
even the CUPS!!!!
pr short glasses.
Anyway see you guys on Dec10
my last day in Sweden after this I am going to England!
i AM GOING TO TRL to see the premiere of Rachel Steven's new video.
That is sooo cool
Can't wait
See ya

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