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Friday, December 01, 2006

How to mend a broken heart
Well, as we all know that I am heartbroken.
Thanks a lot, Kyo.
I have done a couple of things to heal my heart.
maybe is just puppy love, ya know?
Hopefully someone new pops in or an old flame comes in.
Guy or girl?
Preferably girl but guys are welcome.
Hey, I am a bisexual anyway.
At least I don't date animals okay!

So different people deal with their heartbreaks differently
As a person that loves to try new things, I picked and choose.
So here is method number one: EAT!
I bought some ice-cream six of them actually.
10 bars of those large Tobelerones (love them)
and a few bags of potato chips (I don't know the amount as I dumped a bunch in to the cart thingy)
Watched reruns of Charmed, Desperate Housewives, Will and Grace and Buffy
But even the Power of Three could not vanquish my broken soul.

Method 2:Sports
I swam naked at rachel's beach at her parents beach house
F.Y.I she is staying there too.
It was one weekend only okay.
Yes, I bet she was peeking but I don't think so
This is not the first time she seen me naked.
I have seen her naked too, ya know.
When I was at Miami, Aaron and I were playing soccer.
Even though we laughed and joked and cried, still it doesn't work.

Method 3: SEX
Come on! Two teens in a secluded bech house
There's bound to be magic!
She is such a great teacher even if she is a minute older.
But it did not complete me.

Method 4: Writing music.
I have already wrote 4 songs about Kyo and still cry almost each night
Silently and discreetly.
I think I am going to make a video of it.
But I don't think I can do it.

Method 5: Dance and hang.
Sadly nobody can hang out with me as they are all...

So right now, I am still heartbroken
Still mindlessly playing the ps2 like a zombie
Still watching TV like a mindless zombie
Still reading like a mindless zombie
Still lying around at home like a mindless zombie
Still blogging emotional crap like a desperate housewife
Still crying or tearing like a desperate housewife
Still working out like a mindless zombie
Still going online like a mindless zombie
So basically i am a lost mindless zombie becuz his heart is shattered into little shards
Jeez, I am sooooo Jamie Ding right now
The emotionally crappy bitchy bitch who is also probaly rotting like me like a mindless zombie in this
sad, sad, SAD Holidays
Aren't holidays are supposed to be light-hearted and relaxing with stars are blind playing at the back.
I cannot wait till 2007 and focus on SPM
I cannot wait for December 29th 2007 when the casa la 7 are going to JAPAN, USA and FRANCE
for a triple threat celebration to celebrate every members 17th birthday!!!
Cool huh?
After that I am a high school graduate doing nothing
By that time, I wanna:
learn to drive
learn japanesse
and learn to cook!
After SPM results are out,
Bye, Malaysia and...
HELLO, Japan, USA, Switzerland or Australia!
I cannot wait
I don't want to stay in Malaysia!
IT will be my worst nightmare
Wait, Naional Service is my worst nightmare
No, staying here 4 the rest of my life is my WORST nightmare.
National service is not far behind
Evil Malaysian government who probanly brainwash Malaysian teens to turn them to terrorists or something.
There is no way you are sending me to that hellhole.
No FUCKING way!!!!!

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JaMie said...

yah..u're quite Jamie Ding in this post..but hey, mine cheered up abit now. :P