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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Emo much?
I don't know why but brendzsta's emo meter is rising faster a penis erection.
Honestly, i am so moody lately
I felt like crying and stuff ya noe?
Anyway, i am spending christmas at Aaron's pace
Julian, Nick, Lance, Blake, Todd and his previous boyfriend Jesse.
Luckily, Aaron has a large house that fits all of us.
FYI, his parents are in England with his maternal side of the family.
Aaron doesn't wanna go becuz last time he went there, he got it real bad.
Cousins bashed him up
Grandma was sobbing
Grandad told him to get out of his life.
Uncle's ar teasing him
Aunt's talk bad on the dad.
Pretty much everyone in his maternal side are hating him
It was real bad, Aaron got a bloddy lip, black eyes and got a bad cut on the head.
Luckily, no stiches needed.
Aaron was forced to stay in Micheal and Andie's house for the summer
It happened this year.
I was furious with his family
How could a family diss him like this?
Julian actually gave the oldest cousin a bloody lip!
Man, twinkerbell got some mean fist!
Honestly, can't blame them
They are a bunch of conservative losers anyway.
Gosh, really wanna kick their ass!
Aaron was actually removed from their family tree.
He has no paternal side though.
All of them somehow disappeared.

RIght now Aaron and I are alone,
Julian, Nick, Todd, Jesse and Lance are downstairs playing his Xbox, Ps2 and Nintendo wii
Talk about rich
Yes, he is watchin me blogging and i don't mind.
He is gonna get his ps3 and Xbox 360 soon
his mom spoils him
Only childs are sooo lucky!
Especially when he his stinkin rich!
Great he shook my head.
He is standing behind me
Hands wrapped around my neck
Head on my shoulder
Looking at the side of my face like he wanna kiss it
Yeah, yeah go ahead A that's wat best friends are for.

There is chemistry between us
but that chemistry says friends with benefits.
Not telling what kind of benefits
Please i am sooo bored.
Now its time for me to stop blogging
Its TTTKA in Smackdown vs raw 2007
Elimination Chamber
Aaron vs Brendan vs Jesse vs Lance vs Nick vs Blake
with Julian and Todd acting as wwe divas in a bra and panties match as the opening act
They are stripping each other off, lol
That's gonna be fun

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