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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

List of ways to kill yourself
1. Jump off a cliff
2. Slit your wrist
3. Run into traffic
4. Drink rat poison
5. Drug overdose
6. Obese for life
7. Ran into a pork processor
8. Smoke ventilation
9. Set yourself on fire
10. Drown yourself
11. Get bitten by something poisonous
12. Go to Iraq and be a suicide bomber
13. Get HIV from a Thai transexual prostitute
14. Get a death sentence
15. Knock yourself silly with a steel rod
16. Stab yourself and run into the sea
17. Jump into a pool of sharks
18. Jump into an animal's den
19. Get electrocuted
20. Stay under a tree when there is a thunder storm
21. Run into a hurricane
22. Starve to death
23. Dehydrate to death
24. Hold your breath and never let go
25. Smoke
26. Run into a chainsaw
27. Be a soldier on the frontlines.
28. Stay under a heavy branch that is about to break
29. Morph into a sandfly and get chopped up by ceiling fans
30. Die on the operating table while having a sex change
31. Get raped to death
32. Get mauled to death by crazy dogs
33. Perovoke a malay and let them beat you senseless
34. Rob a bank
35. Get stung by a stingray
36. Hijack a plane
37. Get engulfed by crocs
38. Ram yourself into a wall
39. Anger a bull or a rhino
40. Lay flat on the floor during a human stampede
41. Go to the antartica naked
42. Climb the most dangerous peak on mount everest
43. Hang yourself
44. Shoot yourself
45. Go under raining glass
46. Set the Chemistry lab on fire
47. Run into a nuclear reactor
48. Bury yourself alive
49. Cut the ropes while u are doing the flying fox
50. Piss of the entire wwe and tna roster

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