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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

September Drought

Okay, so I haven't been really blogging in September okay.
I get it
More posts Brendan
Update your blog Brendan
Update it before I stick toe jam on your dead blog

Well basically these few days I have been really stressed out
Physically and Mentally exhausted
And emotionally unstable
Talk about mood swings
Well, I have my innovation stuff to do
Powerpoint is halfway done
The report though is giving me a headache
And plus we also have a prototype of a healthy pizza to build
Which sucks
Maybe I should have gone easy and not make something like a prototype

Moreover, I have to interview Andrew for English Magazine
Write a review on a new game (most probably Lego Batman)
and a TV show ( most likely Paris Hilton's my new BFF)

Then is the consistent youtubing of my favourite shows
I missed an episode of 90210 and gossip girl already
you can say they are 'replaced' by Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy
I was thinking of cutting ANTM from my list since it premieres on OCT 12 on Channel V
Plus I still have the final few episodes of Project Runway 5 left
Desperate Housewives for some reason not available

So Brendan is busy busy busy busy and busy
Sorry Brendzblog for neglecting you
Its always like this on fall

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