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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blonde moment with Audrey

Brendan: That day I saw you at spring right, is that your boyfriend?

Audrey: What boyfriend there were only two girls leh

Brendan: No, I could have sworn I seen you with a boy.

Audrey: Wait, oh that not a boy la! Its my auntie.

Brendan: Your aunt is a tranny and looks like a boy?

Audrey: No la! Its just her style mah! She dresses like tomboy that's all.

Brendan: Owh, okay. So its your aunt dressing like a boy. She likes that?

Audrey: No, its just that her style is more boy.

Brendan: I could have sworn I saw an Adam's apple, are you sure she is a girl and not a boy.

Audrey: Ya la, sweat.

Apparently, I am blind.

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