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Thursday, October 23, 2008

I see me and him dancing in a field of daisies.

Okay, here I go again, going all gay and crazy again
Funny how a little compliment, kept me smiling for over an hour in swinburne
He likes my suit!!
He likes my suit!!
My currently wrinkly suit due to profuse sweating suit!!!!
Oh woe, how I wished he loved me instead.
I really was hoping for that.
Okay, okay, wishful thinking again
There goes Brendan the nut job going all Carrie Bradshaw again
I was thinking, I would love to play the male version of Carrie
Boy I am a hopeless romantic really
Funny to think that after the immense pressure of innovation and change, IT and English will probably making me angry and pissed off where I will do the 5SC1 incident which I go down the list of classmates and insulting everyone in them.
Especially 3 certain little ah lian, lazy ass bitches who give me some crap of an article which a nine year old can do far better and hanging with all their stupid ah beng boyfriends and kidnapping my sushi king card for 3 whole days.
But thanks to him, my temper has turned to into gooey, sensitive mush.
Like melted butter.
Man, I hope he has a kiss that would make me melt like butter, cause his face does.
The lips, by the way, looks promising

From a very mushy heart,
Brendan Goh

PS. I am NOT gay, I am a BISEXUAL. I play with my intentions. Girls here SUCK. either they are NICE to look at but NOT GOOD to have or NICE to have but NOT GOOD to look at. The people who qualify are already taken. That's why it has been all boys

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