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Friday, October 03, 2008

Paris Hilton: My New Bff and Brooke Davis

By now, you all have pretty much heard Paris Hilton's new show My New Bff
where she treats these people as 'dolls' and play with them
where all the 'dolls' compete to become her BFF (best friends forever)
Hmm, as I look on, yeah I can see some few potentials there
But it really got me thinking
Thinking hard and deep and making me realized something that after the end of the show I started crying, in a hurt manner not the laugh till you cry cause it hurts thing.

Cause guess what?
Ever since my kindy days in rainbow,
the only best friend that I ever had
were Ivan Poh and Jonathan Teo
from Rainbow
which of course sucks
Lonely right
Ugh, I wished to have a best friend but no luck i guess
Man this celebecy thing Aaron Ong said
Fine I still have Aaron Tan but he is miles away
although we are still Bffs

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Anonymous said...

hey brendan... ok i found you miraculously while searching for zhang he;s outfit for once he gets to level 40 or whatever and i came across your blog. i didnt however find out his other outfit :( um but i tried to add you on facebook because i decided that im infatuated with you... so i recomend you add me... Faye Coon and Brett Graham... thats right i live a double life! xD its fun though and im really hot either way... so hit me up!