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Friday, October 17, 2008

I feel suckish so... I want everyone to feel suckish :)

Okay, I am angry, irritated, frustrated, pissed, bitchy, nasty, mean, horrible, terrible, bitter like vegetable, fucked up, mad and downright angry (wait, did I say angry?) about my damn IT project.

Choo Ai Ling aka according to Tan Meng Siang or should I say Ta Meng Siang who calls her 'chubs' or Elton who calls her 'short pig' which I found really hilarious but whatever, likes to torture people's lives by putting me into next weeks instead of two weeks later like Jia Jin, Belinda, Yuyun, Cindy. So anyway us 'interesting' people other than Belinda of course who is the queen of wushu or whatever that I never knew about and then again, whatever. Face it, people like Jia Jin and cindy who find humor using curry stains on Chilipepper's table as extra gravy for its really spicy food is absolutely... lame and if their lives were a reality show, I would rather watch teenagers who do nothing but lie in the sand all day like the kids in Laguna Beach or Newport Habour, then again, watching a snail move or attending 3 sessions of law lecture is more eventful.

Plus they complain and whine at almost everything. Moreover, no life one, like robots, like Andrew the Motherchucker
'I hate taking pictures'
'I hate walking so far'
'Spring? So far and so expensive!' *an hour later* 'No donuts for us ah, hehe'
'Lets wait till friday, we have more time,' (which is true but it takes you 4 hours to have a meal at a mamak across the street?)
'Lets go cafeteria' (this happens again, again and again)
'Wah, look we sit at every spot on the outside the cafeteria'
'I dun like inside, air is not fresh.' (Breathing smokers exhaust much? Every heard of second hand smokers?)
If they are not in the classroom or cafeteria, its... the library.
Note to self, switch lame friends for cooler ones.

Speaking of Andrew the Motherchucker who broke my precious heart who decides to stay in KL and not come back to me.
FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

Next person would be my ex-classmate, Hubert Chong, who I am gonna have SO MUCH FUN TRASHING HIM!!!!!
Hubert, you blog is crap, your hair is shit and you, yourself, resembles a large pile of waste.
Your blog is an insult and an insignificant existance to my superior and more experienced not to mention bitchy, popular and sexy blog.
Your blog is not meant to exist, your blog should be recycled to the dump of the cybernetic world.
You yourself is a lousy peace of crap, classA crap and a pure ah beng. The girl you probably like is twice your damn size.
Your hair looks like shit but a least I give you props for making it healthy but still it is shit.
If you don't understand, you hair looks like healthy shit.
You are thin and small enough to be the new transgendered contested in ANTM, what is more important is that you don't even need to remove your pitiful jewels.

Your idol in badminton is someone who has an erection while playing badminton and the greatest rival of the country's silver medalist who blogs in Chinese as if he sucks in English.
You like to compare mouse for some reason which I don't know
Maybe u wished you had a 'bigger' mouse but instead got some microkingdom mini mini one.
You like to go to stupid opposition rallies who do nothing but scream and holler like wolves in the night and where you just sit there and support them.
You probably are an avid contirbutor of the current ever mushrooming franchise of lottery punter lots around Malaysia, contributing the wasting of valuable and scarce resources around the world like land, bricks, space, paper and pens.
You spend your lousy existence in Swinburne Grounds like some ghost who has no life
You never smile, and when you do, we wished you never smile
You are basically crap.

My temper has subsided, now back to IT.

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