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Monday, January 05, 2009

Blog gone wrong

This blog is called Brendzblog
Sex, Lies, Men, Women, and Controversies revealed
Its about me
Talking about my life
Adding in bitchy quotes, comical puns, realistic writing, and a whole lot of opinions.
Lately, especially the more recent posts
This blog has been losing its perspective
Like an aura or a soul has evaporated and disappeared within me
In the process, my creative juice is under production
The clogs operating my creativity has rusted and clogged in place.
The links within my left brain have since long lost touch and broken down
Logic, wit, creativity, bitchiness all have dispersed to the far corners of my head
Basically, my mind was in a shutdown
I know this in my heart because I feel unsatisfied with my blog post recently.

The blog posts themselves were basically average
Its so typical
Now typical for me is above average for you, well most of you.
The more recent ones look a little retarded
There were not much opinions generated there.
As if I was afraid that I would get backlashed by unhappy surfers who read my blog.

Honestly, thinking back, I kinda let my guard down.
I let the opinions on the shoutbox influence me
The shoutbox serves one purpose, for those who want to comment but too lazy to go through the 'tough' security.
Its pathetic of me to even allow the influence to creep in on me latch its tentacles onto my veins.

Its my blog
I blog what I want
I blog what I feel
No one can ever tell me to shut down my blog
Not even the government, the UN or my parents.
Its my right as a blogger and owner of Brendzblog to say what I want to say.

Its really sad to see some cowards have the nerve to post such derogatory remarks onto my blog.
They usually put their nickname and start posting nasty, generalized, untrue and vilely assumed comments like my blog sucks or my blog content is crap or it is 'crapz'
without explaining why is it?
This explains that not only those people are pathetic, they have no writing talent, they have no lives, they just say it because its fun and they have absolutely nothing to do.
Maybe even, they are too dumb to understand and have a nerve to pose as a critic.
More importantly, I bet that every one of them can never write as good as I do and are jealous of my talent.
It is logical that someone who enters my blog and do not like it would give it a five second look and leave, never to return again.
Who wants to look at a crappy blog again and again?
Waste of time.
Those who take the time and leave comments are those who like my page
Either they are impressed or bitterly jealous
Jealousy is not a good thing, believe you me.
Ever heard of the saying if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all?

Now, everyone can own a blog.
Its free.
There is blogspot, wordpress, thumbblogger, xanga and many more.
But what's in it on the other hand is very different.
You see everyone can blog but very few can be popular and even fewer can blog as good as me.
There is no need to say that people filling both criteria (Xiaxue, Kenny and maybe me) are rare.
Writing is a talent, an honor, a privilege bestowed to me from God
I have the potential to have a long running blog and potential to be a popular one.
Basically, my greatness proves too good for some people to handle.

I know that sometimes you have to run off and refer to the dictionary on some of my volcabulary
If so
I recommend Oxford's Advanced Learners Dictionary
It kept me good company for two years and going strong.
Sometimes its just good to be complicated
Cause that is what I am complicated.
You like me, you come visit my blog
You hate me, buzz off

1 comment:

Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

LOLz chill dude, whoa hope I'm not one of those assholes woo.. cuz I sometimes leave comments here and on the chatbox nyehehe.. XD

yeah degratory commetns are a big nono! nothing nice to say buzz off nicely said dude~!