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Friday, January 30, 2009

Controversy works.

Apparently, my blog is boring when I blog about mundane stuff.
Even I think its boring.
Sad, right.
Its funny, how infamy works.
When you do something nice, or normal, people ignore your blog
When in fact, you bitch about something.
Idiotic unknown people come over and spam your blog like hell
Telling you your blog is crap, bla bla bla.
Funny thing is these people have no balls at all.
Putting unknown names and start bitching about you.
Hey, if I think your blog sucks, I will DEFINITELY put my name on your blog,
GIVE you the link to my blog.
You can even request my email too.
Well I have nothing to write about these days.
I am concentrating to whip up a new Casa La 7 episode
Playing this awesome online game called Shaiya
Hope I got the URL right.
If you want it, you can get the installation disk from me
Currently addicted to it.
I set 3 birds, 5 turtles and about 30 fishes free today.
I just throw them into the river behind my house actually
I even gave them names.
(Turtles and birds only. Too many fishies to name, so I just numbered them)

Birdies are normal pigeons that cost 20 bucks each!
I named them

I also named the turtles
Green Fingers

Also I have named a few of my newborn puppies
Will blog before I go London
Man, gonna miss my babies for a month.
Luckily I didn't leave during CNY.
My poor Liberty's heart may not take it.
Firecrackers, thunderstorm and the master who feeds her everyday gone?
She might faint.

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Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

LOL!!! i started playing shaiya 2 days ago too lol

its not bad, currently playing the global servers, trying to get my hands on the malaysia-singapore servers.. hm...