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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Logical and funny

This is a tag worth doing
I mean seriously its worth doing!
There is no stupid questions like
'Have you told a lie?'
You don't need to know who the hell Oprah or Tyra is.
Its for everyone!
Make it creative
Make it fun
I am sure you would love it.
In fact, you do it blindly (ie without thinking, pure instinct), you are considered an idiot
Cause you are giving info about you and your family online.
Moreover, you don't feel like a nine year old!
You feel like a comedian with funny punch up lines.
Oh yeah
If you plagiarize my comments,
I swear to mother fucking God that I will crack your ass in half, I am gonna fuck you up so hard that you won't be able to walk for weeks (with a dildo of course) and tear you apart, molecule by molecule!
Moreover it so Ah Beng
Its so fun
Don't you know Ah Bengs fill their resumes like this?

Name: Nah Meh? You call me Nah Meh? You si beh bo ka si ah! Oh my name! Ben Beng
> Age: Can have babies oredi!
> Sex: Can! But you buy condom and book hotel ah, I no money
> Religion: I pray to statues and burn things, like sticks and paper.
> Race: I love to race, how you know?
> Nationality: I don't like National, I prefer Sanyo
> IC Number: I see number 8, very lucky you no?
> Telephone number: House no telephone.
> Hand phone number: 3310
> Address: EH! I boy la! I don't wear dress! You think I Chao Ah Qua Hah! See this? See my TAT TOO? See my LAN? Very big ah! Not like Chao Ah Qua as small as cigarette.
> City: Nor Haliza?
> Postcode: My post is leader of the Chao Ah Beng Gang, no code, we no have computer la!
> State: ment.
> Country: Kantree? Kantree ah? Ah... Sarawak!
> Marriage status: WAH! So chim o! What is this? Ohhh, I Kahwin or not ah, not Kahwin yet!
> Email Address: Oi! I no computer remember?
> Education Background: I no how to use parang, kwan dao, jian, taiji jian and kang hu. I also have sex education too, I no how to fuck people real good.
> Working Experience: I kill ten people, stolen from 20 people, rob 5 ah mah and rape 35 women and one man who I thought was a woman.
> Father's name: I have two daddy oh
> Father's IC: Which one?
> Mother's name: I have no mummy oh
> Mother's IC: How I know, I have two daddy leh!
> Current Salary: Depend on the day lo
> Expected Salary: A lot of money
> When can start work: I have 3 people to kill, ten women to rape and 6 debts to collect, about 1 week later, can?
> Highest qualification: my lan is 18cm and my height is 178cm
> Grade: I got A+ in fucking, the rest i get A
> College/University: I dunno what is that
> Signature: Sign nature? Oh sign my name hah! Can use chop? Easier bah!

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