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Sunday, January 11, 2009


A message to all supporters of boycotting American Goods

ALLAH!!!! The US supports the Israeli air strikes on Gaza.
If we manage to fully boycott American products!
They will lose money and cannot use it as funds to make weapons for Israel!
We will put a serious blow to the economy!!!
Because we think that America only trades with Malaysia!!!
So please stop buying these things
We must unite!

I know Chinese New Year is coming soon but please stop buying Pepsi and Coca Cola!


Coca Cola

See? I even label nice nice for you people so that you can identify these products!
So that you know not to buy these products made by the wretched vermin of the Americans!
I know that Coca Cola and Pepsi taste very nice.
But don't drink Cola and Pepsi
Don't play play, you people.
Cola and Pepsi can kill Palestinians!
They get killed by you drinking them and then somehow over at Gaza, Palestinians drop like flies.
Drink other versions of Cola and Pepsi
I know they suck compared to the sweet, fizzy and delicious brew of Cola and Pepsi but Palestinians need to survive!

Hot Dog

Hot Dogs are originated from America, so don't go to 1901 and eat hot dog, every hot dog you eat there will be like a homing missile ready to stuff itself into a Palestinian's asshole, be it man, woman, child or transsexual.

Motorola phone

Do not buy Motorola phones, afterward the Americans can make more bombs to help the Israelis who will use the bombs to bomb Palestinians!

Instead, do what Naomi Campbell does! Throw your Motorola cell phone at your Indonesian maid! It will not explode and kill your maid but spoiling the phone will prove that you are against the Americans!


Nike is an American brand, every step you take in a Nike shoe will be like a tank rolling over many poor Palestinians! So you must throw away your Nike shoes or even better! Throw it at your Indonesian maid!


Please do not buy Macbook or iPods as they belong to Apple Inc. Apple is the biggest phenomenon and money maker in the US. No iPod means no harm will be caused to Palestinians.
So please smash your iPod to pieces with a hammer, run over it with your car or bash it on your Indonesian maid's head 80 times to show your disapproval!

American Idol is bad for us. Because it is Americans. Those people pay taxes to contribute to the funding of bombs to the Israelis! Although it premiers on January 13th on Star World and we are of course in awe of American musicians. But we must boycott them because they are Americans!

Starbucks is a product of America, like iPod it is like a poisonous jellyfish spreading its deadly tentacles to Malaysia! We must boycott this too.

Order Kopi O instead
Kopi O good!
Also not American!
Kopi O is not as good as the smooth, creamy, milky, rich, fufilling and foamy texture of a caramel macchiato but it is the best!
Dell is an American company and since the government uses Dell products in computing, the units must be removed and returned from teachers and government servants alike, they should be given ACER instead. Its bigger, bulkier, heavier and approximately half of them will come with problems without you causing them!

Dota is American because it is created by Blizzard Entertainment and American company, all Dota nerds must no longer play this game. Because the killings there is just like the killings of the Palestinians

Play CONGKAK! Its like Dota in marble form!

We should also boycott movies like 'Twilight' and 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua' as they do not deserve our attention. The money earned here will not be given to make a sequel, it will be given to make new bombs for the Israelis!

Children should also be active in boycotting American products. They should boycott Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse

See? Mickey Mouse also supports the Americans! We must not show children these things as they will pollute their minds and influence them with bad Western values like premarital sex.
In short, watching Mickey Mouse now will probably influence your kids to fuck each other in the future.

Keluang Man

They should be exposed to more traditional cartoons that are Malaysian made like Keluang Man! Lousier graphics, voice acting and animation but Made In Malaysia! Watching Keluang Man will ensure your children to become the next Prime Minister!

Next, the youth should not listen to music from people like Mariah Carey and Britney Spears!

Mariah Carey

Britney Spears

Listening to those albums only corrode the pride of our culture! It only makes young people wanna go to a salon and shave their hair off and go clubbing without their underwear. Britney Spears and Mariah Carey are US propaganda to earn money to make more weapons for palestinians. Watching Britney dancing is like watching bullets shooting from her breast and kill many Palestinians while Mariah Carey's voice is like an echo soundwave that makes the Palestinians ears bleed and die of blood loss.

There are two more things you need to boycott to consider yourself a true supporter.

First you need to boycott...


This very site. This blog is written by a guy who approves gay marriage, is addicted to Britney Spears, watches Mickey Mouse when he was a kid, owns an iPod, just ate Hot Dogs for dinner, used to own a Motorola cell phone, has walked out of Starbucks with two coffees, drank immense amounts of Pepsi, and is a big fan of Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Moreover, he speaks like an American and has made out with more than one man ON PURPOSE!!!!
He has already kissed a boy and he likes it
He might go out and walk around without his underwear!
He is a bad influence!

Another thing is that we must block Microsoft Office since its American! We

*On a side note, I didn't know that Kenny Sia already pulled it. The contents above is actually from a forwarded letter. I just added a few touches into it (Pepsi, Domino's, my blog, the crude sentences which reflects my sharp tongued alter ego). Hey if you wanna copy, make sure your copy is better than the original. *


Mysterious God Of Light said...

Copy Cat...

How come you didn't shutdown your PC? Haha...

Brendan Goh said...

Yeah yeah, it was a forwarded letter actually. I didn't realized that kenny sia did it too. I just added my blog into it that's all. lol. I don't need to shut down my pc cause well, as you can see, I am still drinking coke.

Fahriee said...

We share the same opinion, my friend. Hopefully you don't mind if I put up a link to your post in mine.


Brendan Goh said...

No problem. Go right ahead