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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Like a Druggie That was Injected With a New Formula of Heroin

During the Chinese New Year and the preparations before the actual celebration.
I felt as if my mind was in a stance
Stagnant, blocked, unmoved.
I knew I got a bad case of Writer's Block.
Then I suddenly realized.
I make AMAZING POSTS when I am absolutely angry!

Its like being a firebender in avatar!
They channel their firebending through anger
as a source of inspiration
When I feel bitchy or comical, I felt so much relief.
Tapping through my energy
Feeling it moving through my veins and nerves
The juice of creativity, alive on my wrist
The impulse and instinct of writing, at the tips of my fingertips.
Tapping the energy onto the keyboard.
The feeling of writing is amazing

I feel very much alive.
I am back bitches!
Maybe even, bitchier than ever.

See. when I write when I am angry
I am able to observe details around me
Time slows down, allow me to feel the channel of energy within me
Letting me to bitch about every single little detail.

(Now all I need is my confidence back)
Then I am ready to tackle shit

How did I get them back?
Simple, by diving to the mouth of the devil
Also known as the dump of the high school I used to attend.

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