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Monday, February 23, 2009

Go Bald, Give Hope (The Chronology)

While I am in London, please enjoy this post.

Well, as you all know, I attended Kenny Sia's 'head-shaving ceremony' at the Spring, Kuching.
As you can see the pic above, he seems somewhat nervous.

Jamie and her not so voluptuous, if-she-were-a-few-feet-taller-I-would-marry-her stature handling the camera and doing camera stuff and acting busy. Jealous? No. Its JUST Kenny Sia, not Perez Hilton. Or me. If Jamie is filming me, yeah, I should be jealous. Cause it should be ME FILMING ME in front of my (in future) millions of Brendzblog Legionaires! But since I don't have an identical twin (or clone) guess I would have to settle with anyone. She takes direction well.

As you can see, a small segment was decorated with stuff and I donated like 15 bucks and got a bookmark and a pin-thingy. Whoopee...

Kenny, (not the change of clothes), is having a few words with the Prez of SSSC himself, Prez of SSSC (sorry, couldn't bother about your name.)

Camera catches a glimpse of Kenny a few times and he did not do some girly uh Chio (copied from Falling Snow Chick with an American boyfriend.) pose. Instead, he does the goofy ones, lol.

Jamie, seriously focused and looking at the video, video-ing every moment. Ooh... exciting. Either that or she is day dreaming about Fillet O Fish again, no idea.

Kenny giving a speech... Yay! COME ON, DUDE! SHAVE YOUR HEAD ALREADY! I am missing AMERICAN IDOL for THIS? Man, people shave their head in the name of cancer, still need speech. Waste of time. Event more wasteful than the American Idol Results Show, The Moment of Truth and Deal or No Deal combined.

PHOTO-OP! *cues Melina's Paparazzi theme* Kenny points his precious locks one last time before its all gone, let the shaving commence!

TADAH! Kenny Sia, BALD. BALD move. BALD move, indeed. BTW, Cutting Edge is doing this. Apparently after hearing numerous complaints from friends, cousins, ex-boyfriends and future kepo grandmas, they done something right.

After Kenny shaves his head, he wanted to raise another 2500 on the spot. And so, the money flows in again and he goes BALDER.


They drag a kid suffering leukemia out. Aww, so cute! In a weird alien-ish sort of way. His hair is gone due to chemo. And a funny quote from the Prez dude: CANCER IS NOT CONTAGIOUS.
Seriously, like, we dunno this? I even knew that cancer is not contagious and I am sure anyone who goes to school and pay attention to classes know so too. What kind of idiot thinks its contagious? Oh well blame the people who live on trees then. Yeah we have people who live on trees in Kuching, well their brains are.

Here are a few hints
  1. They are not famous but they appear on newspapers frequently
  2. Most of them do not manage their money well (embezzlement)
  3. They give out empty threats
  4. They put people in the Malaysian equivalent of Guantanamo Bay just cause you speak your mind
  5. You know that they cannot afford luxury yet somehow they have Rolls Royce, Big House, Seven Wives, etc.
  6. They are religious extremists.
Back to the topic
A little camera session with them, and I get to rub his head. He is such a nice guy. I think the girlfriend dumped him cause he is fat. So he went to phuket, hairless.

There you have it, the remnants of Kenny's hair. They are not going to phuket. They go to someplace where they can rot peacefully. Here is a hint.

"Could somebody get a vacuum?''

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Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

LoLz!! shave shave.. XD I thought there would be more dudes shaving here, but its juz him I guess hahak

wooot! at least you can claim to have posted something all the way from London! :P nice..