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Thursday, February 19, 2009


My last post, Sam, remember?
Well, Sam has chosen to go with the internship in Penang.
Sam's hometown
Which leaves me devastated.
Apparently, Sam thinks I am not important enough.

Btw, the bastard broke me off from FACEBOOK
of all places,
My life is worse than Kathy Griffin's.
Here it is

Didn't really get to reply ur msn it's either i'm busy with my assignments, poor wifi here... but the last msg i was actually meeting with my tutor. Anyway, about the practical, i got a good offer in a famous firm in penang, and i think im sticking to it. thx for offering to help me, now i hav two firms at hand.. dono how to reject the other...

So... damn professional.
Damn, hope that firm crumbles down and declare bankruptcy.
But I have to say, career comes first
I am happy for Sam
though I am terribly sad that I can't fuck the shit out of Sam

Oh well, maybe I am too nice.

My trip to London is tomorrow morning, 11.05 a.m.
So I will be there around 10-ish.
I guess.
I posted this kind of late
So I don't think any of you guys will come and wish me a safe flight.
Funny that I am not bragging and in-your-facing you people that I am going to London for a month for holidays.
Its just London, okay.
Some of you people will get there later in life.
I just got there earlier that's all.

Man, I am actually getting more and more impatient by the second
This trip is not only an opportunity for me to explore the land of the UK
But it is also a time for me to find myself.
NS maybe a great time for all you people
But I felt like I lost a part of myself.
I need to get my life in check
I don't know if I am depressed or not
But I feel like my life sucks
After all, I am going to LONDON and PARIS of all places and I am unfazed by it.
Maybe my time there
Will get me to change a few perspectives in my life
After all, I really felt like I am stagnant now.

Its sad.
Maybe what I need is some romance.
Maybe what I need is more schoolwork
Maybe this and maybe that
Oh well, I am unhappy in life, in general
I need to feel like I am worthy of living
Waking up everyday, looking forward to the day and the next with full enthusiasm instead of depression.
This trip is probably what I need now,
And I need it, badly


Mysterious God Of Light said...

Good Luck and Farewell in your trip lor!

God Bless =)

Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

hope the trip will do you good dude, have fun in London~ :)