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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bye Edie I will miss you! *sobs*

Edie Britt, one of a kind.

Ladies and gentleman, the April 19th episode of Desperate Housewives was the last episode of Nicolette Sheridan playing Edie Britt.

For those of you who wanted to know how did she die, well she ran into a utility pole and then got electrocuted after finding out that her husband Dave, came back to Wisteria Lane to murder the person who killed his wife and daughter during the five year time leap.


This sucks.

Edie was one of the most controversial and fun characters of DH and to kill her off, man, I feel so down, so disoriented.


Its way better than any Asian trash that is just so daytime soap, fake, over-dramatic and has a moral to the story. Plus its just behind Grey's Anatomy as my favorite show.

Desperate Housewives rocks cause its over dramatic without the soapish suspense. You know where they film shocked expressions of people in slow-mo?

Well, Edie, you died, you were one of a kind.

You died the way you lived, always at the center of attention.

Okay, now I WANT DAVE TO DIE...


Hmm, wonder how though.

Well, its definitely not

A self inflicted gun shot to the head (Mary Alice Young)

Stabbed and chopped up, stashed into a toy box, then bury it under a swimming pool before unearthing it and sent to drown into a lake. (Mike's first wife, Deidre)

Died while overdosing sleeping pills (George)

Died of a heart attack before leaving a note at the last moment (Rex Van De Kamp)

Hit in the head by an object and being choked to death (Mrs Huber)

Shot down by a sniper (Betty Applewhite's younger son)

Paralyzed by a stroke (Orson's mom)

Fell off the roof (Orson's first wife, Alma)

Got ran over by a sports car and sent into a coma, only to wake up and then slipped on the wet floor and tumble down the stairs, telling a nurse to tell your son that his wife is cheating on him with the teenage gardener before you die (Juanita Solis, Carlos's mom)

Shot by a crazy woman in a grocery store (Nora)

Shot by someone in the head cause you went crazy after you found out your husband cheated on you (Crazy lady who shot Nora)

Swept away by a tornado (Katherine's second husband's mistress)

Stabbed by a picket fence that got blown towards you by a tornado (Victor Lang)

Shot in the head by your ex wife (Katherine's first husband)

Shot on the chest by a gun that was covered by a pillow (Ellie)

Choked by your patient and then got your body doused with alcohol and then being burned and there for sending you and the whole nightclub down. (Dave's therapist)

Your grandson put you out of commission by switching off your life support (Noah, Deidre's dad)

Died in a coma after falling off a horseback ride (Jane Hainsworth)

Murdered by your own mother in law (Monique Pollier)

Literally stabbed in the back by your wife after you told her you cheated on her (Bradley Scott)

Died in a car crash (Paige and Lila Dash)

Died while driving home in a tornado where a power line snapped, fell on your car and then burst into flames (Carlos's lawyer who handles his overseas account)

Died in your bed before leaving a revealing note on the floor (Katherine's aunt)

Died by having a cabinet falling on top of you while trying to reach your doll (Katherine's biological daughter)

Sacrificing yourself to save others in a tornado (Ida Greenberg)

Died when you drove your car into a utility pole and then get electrocuted when you got out of the car and died in front of everyone (Edie Britt)

Any ridiculous ideas?


Mysterious God Of Light said...

How bout Dave dies when he touches Edie Britt while she was electrocuted?

Or he's struck by lightning in Edie's funeral?

Maybe Dave dies naturally... recycle through sharks?

God Bless =)

Brendan Goh said...

No, Edie was cremated and her ashes were sent to her son who then decided that the housewives should decide her final resting place.

Though the shark idea is pretty cool