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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A normal morning for me

I usually come into my classes in the morning, usually looking like a tornado has swept through my house in a middle of a Taliban raid.
Well, actually, my mornings are not anxious and rush
It usually creeps up real fast.
When you wake up, its 6.50 am
and suddenly the next time you see the clock
Its 8.15.
Then it is a mad rush to school.

I really don't get it.
Its 6.50 a.m.
I usually go to the comp
Check my mail
Then I head off to the showers
I came out, 7.45
Ok, not bad
Then I went for a change of clothes
Then it is eight o clock

This is the time where I rush
I would spend nine seconds cramming toast/eggs/crackers/ham/omelette into my mouth.
While scrambling around to look for my books
Honestly, this practice is not good for me
Then I pack my stuff
Get my car keys
Open the car
and speed off.
Sometimes I forgot to turn on the alarm or close the door or the gate
Which results in a sudden rush of guilt after a realization of paranoia
I have to rush back, by this time, I am on the hui sing roundabout
Which means I have to U-turn all the way to the roundabout near BDC and turn into my house
Only to say 'fuck' cause I did secure my house subconciously
Sometimes, I can get there early
like 5 minutes before class starts
then I have to park my car
Forward, reverse, forward, reverse, manouvre, check surroundings
Grab my stuff and run to class
Not before click the car security twice just to make sure its locked
Arriving five minutes late.

Traffic jam is a common enemy too
Stupid fucking cars
You all know jams
Go. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. Stop
But this time
I am actually on time
Not late, not early but on time
I have to say
Its a record

1 comment:

Mysterious God Of Light said...

Walau eh~

Seriously man, I can imagine you driving F1 car in the middle of the road.

Then we can record this in the 'World Book Of Record'.


God Bless =)