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Friday, April 10, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic - The Tie In...

There is actually a story that lead me to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic at the cinema.
Please note that cinemas here (Kuching) are crappy AND expensive but DVDs are worse cause they are pirated. (DUH!) Which means low quality pictures, shadows puppets of life like humans wobbling across your TV screens and not to mention in a dark setting, it is really, well, pitch black DARK. So going to a cinema on a cheap day aka Wednesday aka 5-bucks-a-movie day is for us cheap bastards a treat. So lets rewind my life till its around Wednesday noon, lunch time.

I was having lunch with Chai Hui and Jilly and we ordered the noodles from the stall in front of Swinburne cafeteria. We had our noodles which are... (yawn). Lets fast forward this till enter Sook Ann and Stacy enter the fray cause you people will be drooling at how stringy, spicy, slurpalicious my bowl of Prawn Sambal Noodles are. After the two girls KPL followed and KPL wanted to donate blood.

The Swinburne Blood Drive is a per semester event that is held in Swinburne which is organized by the Leo Club of Swinburne to receive donations of blood from the students of Swinburne who are in their high spirited, strong, veiny, youthful prime with full of pride to have premuim quality blood, free from HIV, AIDS, high blood, mad cow, artherosclerosis and for those of you of Jehovah's Witness faith, contamination. The blood from these students will go to the National Blood Bank will be stored and used by those who are in need of it.

This comercial is brought to you by the Leo Club of Swinburne, we join this club cause we are self righteous plastic bastards and bitches, serving you so that we can look good in our resumes.

Now back to the show...

So Stacy and Sook Ann are so hyper cause they wanna see a movie and it is decided immediately that we wanted to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic. Thanks to my part. Then there was the time and the decision making process goes like this. 4.30, 2.30, 4.30, 2.30, 2.30, 2.30, 4.30, 4.30, 4.30, 2.45, 3.00,4.30, 4.30 and finally, 2.30. Then we headed towards the auditorium (blood harvesting donation area). The girls, Stacy, Sook Ann, Jilly were texting and texting and texting away while Chai Hui was sending KPL's stuff to him. Then Stephanie came with boyfriend in tow and then goes into a serious confusion chatter moment which involves Stacy sending her friend away to Perth. Then the girls start calling well, dozens of people asking them out for a movie which they declined. (I think it must be me for some reason. Why am I always so fucking neurotically paranoid? Screw my parents and their raising.) So in the end, six people Chai Hui, Sook Ann, Stacy, Jilly, Stephanie and me cramped into Chai Hui's beat up Iswara and zoomed off to... the airport.

Oh yeah, I had to choose between English and Shopaholic. Lets see, Isla Fisher or Judith Lee, defintely Isla. I think Judith watches too much Heroes and Lost cause she is always Lost in Translation and looks at the paper like she is reading a Heroes script while trying to tell us about it.

Apparently Stacy wanted to send her friend away first. So then we head off to the airport and waited. All this while I, myself was having a Shopaholic moment. I was fighting with Chai Hui's seat belt. The thing can never seem to pull itself out, till I pulled out the plastic part. I thought I broke it until I realized that it has been broken before. Anyway the girls were gossiping and being loud the whole trip. Along the way, I noticed some real spoiled boyfriend/girlfriend behaviour which is SCARY. Not gonna go into details.

Stacy decided to stay in the airport with her friend and the 5 of us were to go to the cinema. We arrived 10 minutes late.

These guys have impeccable timing with toilets. They all bailed on me to go to the bathroom. Which left me stuck buying the tickets thankfully not my money involved. In the end we were officially 15 minutes late.

After the movie, we went back while I was in a duet with Jilly in Taylor's Swift's "Love Story."
Man I love that song. After that, I bought the DvD! What? It is a guilty pleasure. After all, us shopaholics have to stick together!

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Mysterious God Of Light said...

Maybe it's time for those guys in the toilet to pay their 'monthly installments'?


God Bless =)