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Friday, May 08, 2009

3 Kinds of People that I cannot stand.Period.

There are three types of people that I really cannot stand in this world.
I mean, I don't hate them, God no.
Hate means I care
To put it bluntly

I am indifferent with these types of people and I wish I can gather them into one island, blow it up and let elephants crap, stomp, urinate and whatever on the remnants of their corpses and then I plant sugar cane all over the island whereby they will be harvested and converted into ethanol and provide eco-friendly fuel source available to the whole world, thereby saving the earth from global warming.

It's just like Ashik with gays, except without the explosion, elephants, sugar cane plantation and renewable energy source plan.

So lets start with number 1 shall we...

Bitches who carry fake designer bags.

I don't care if its Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, Prada or whatever. If you buy a fake designer bag, and show it off like a real one, please enter the transportation hub to the aforementioned island.

Honestly, its just a bag, you see men and women in Milan carry the similar, ORIGINAL ones while riding along in their uber cool Vespas. Moreover, honey, you can never fool me. I have ACTUALLY SEEN real designer bags by the row and you can never fool me. I have an eye for detail, both a blessing and a curse if you are in my shoes.

And also, can I ask actually HOW MANY of you people can actually PRONOUNCE the actual name of the brands? Instead of just calling it LV? Hmm?

Also, all these bitches are obviously losers, I mean, come on. You want the spice but you don't want the price? A 200 ringgit and a 2000 ringgit bag MAY look similar, and you MAY fool quite a number of people but once you got exposed, its all gonna crumble down. Don't pose around, get the real thing

Also, if you buy a fake, you know how much bad publicity you can give to a reputable fashion company?

Lets take Louis Vuitton for example. Now when people found out that you can get a similar clone for only a fraction of the price, wow, its good for you. But the fun stops there.

You are INSULTING the brand, you give the brand bad business! Everytime, I see someone with a Louis Vuitton bag, I instantly will think... that is so fake. You make Louis Vuitton synonymous as the word fake bag. Now Louis Vuitton will receive a bad press and reputation in the Asian market. Which means that their Asian Business Initiative will be unsuccessful, which means that the fakes will dominate. Now, even if someone brings a genuine one home, the fashion backward people of Kuching will definitely think its fake. Cause they are so abundant here. Its like you can get anything in your nearest John Lewis or in this case, street market.
Why bother about the price right? Lets all walk as superficial posers with our fake LV bags.

If this is why most Adelaide locals pelt Asians with rotten eggs during Easter, heck, I am gonna dye my hair blonde and put up some blue contacts and join them.

Religious moral judgmental preaching idiots.

These people are usually a bunch of fucking know it alls that are so superficially fake that its clearer than the blue skies of Bora Bora. Now, I believe in the existence of God, I just don't get all these pathetic preaching. Sappy really. Oh God this, Oh God that. Well I am sorry but God is currently trying to save someone from a near-fatal car crash and is too busy to bless your sorry asses for the moment.

Seriously, who are you to judge the way other people live? You think you can do that just because God ask you to spread the word? You think you can do that because you are a loyal follower of God? You think you are pure? Hah. Honestly, I would be thinking of the immense amount of time you people spend in church. What great sin have you done so that you have to ask God and repent it for you?

There was once a Christian book that says that, you may sing all the songs, memorize all the bibles, blinged yourself with christian jewellery, pimped your car into Christian-like tribute, blare your stereos with all the "One Way, Jesus, you are all that I could live for.", attend every single bible study, sermon, mass and youth gathering during your lifetime, but if you are not a good person at heart, then you are not Christian at all.

This points to you, if you don't get it. Oh this does not point to Jamie, LC and their gang, they are really nice people who never judge. *insert smiley emote* I don't do smiley emotes. I HATE THEM when reading people's blogs. They are annoying. See? XD

Speaking of One Way, Jesus, its obviously super emo and Jesus is dead like many many many many many many many many many many years ago, so shouldn't the hardcore people be dead by now?

Oh and don't judge me about my morals. There was an anonymous person who harassed my blog that asks me if I know what is moral. Well, obviously this person must be a Malaysian, so I ask you this. How did you score for your Moral studies? HD? D? C? P?

I bet that no matter what you score or how "loyal" you people are, you all lack one common thing.
PROPER COURTESY. If someone fell down, do you just watch, laugh your ass off or help him out? If someone drops their things, do you just look or help them?


When there is a car accident, do you stop for a while to take a look at the 4 digits conveniently displayed for you or would you move on and let the authorities pass through?

Anonymous Haters

I honestly do not get it
These people come to your blog, insult you and for what purpose is it again?

Is it fun?
Is it cool?
Is it awesome?

I don't care with you are blog content regulating vigilantes or pure haters, you are all the same.


I mean seriously, you put on a pseudonym, and harrass my blog, simple, no?
Asking me to close it down (not happening for... like.... ever)
Saying that I have rage issues, psychological issues, thinking that you are qualified shrinks with Phds in Brendan Goh Psychology that graduated with a Valedictorian title.
Calling me a loser and whatever

What are you people trying to PROVE?
You exist?
Yeah we heard you, so?

Like I said, you come to MY house that I FULLY own and ask me to move out?
Who do you think you are?

Barack Obama?
Queen Elizabeth?
The Dalai Lama?

Its my right to blog, and I blog whatever I want
I did not cross any form of rules that will consider my blog to be illegal
Did I incite racial hate here?
Did I scrutinize the government?
Did I post videos of old men fucking 12 year old boys in here?
So why am I being forced to shut down again?

I do not deserve your hate nor your criticism
Then again, nor do I need it
But I appreciate your care.
I mean you people wake up at 4 in the morning to insult me
I am touched.

You should spread the word to your friends about me.
Just make sure I don't find out who you are, if you are harrassing my blog
I guarentee it will be worse than
Lim May Zhee on KateKira
Xiaxue on Dawn Yang
Donald Trump and Rosie O Donell

If you really hate me, create a hate site
Then send it to me
I wanna see it.


Chester Chin said...

wow you sure have your brand of own haters! anyway about the fake designer issue, the other day on ugly betty. betty gave amanda a bag and it was called 'Plada'! Lol

KuroZeroWing said...

I like the way you think. People like that should just vanish especially those so-called "religious" judgmental people who go to church and say God this and whatever but behind your back they watch porn, use bad words and what not.
Generally, a lot of people hate me because I'm different or whatever but I don't really care. Those anonymous haters can BS all they want, if you know what I mean.