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Friday, May 29, 2009

Thinking of You

When I saw you online on Facebook
I can't help but taking a look

Your have cut your hair again
Short, which I think is my gain

There are so many questions I want to ask you
Yet, I know I shouldn't talk to you

You broke my heart
You took away a part

You opted to be closer to home
Than taking a preview of us in the time that is about to come

I understand
Yet I can't stand

The fact that you are not with me
The fact that inside, I am really lonely

You broke me off back in June
I always thought you come back soon

But you don't
And left me alone


I tried to make you gone but to no avail
But then I moved on but always with a veil

Then you were back, all of a sudden
My heart no longer feels rotten

Its like whenever we are together
We felt like we can be together forever

We talk and we connect
The link we had is so intimate and so hard to dissect

Now here I am, staring at you
Thinking about you

Thinking of what to say
Wondering you ever thought of me during your day

I know its been a while
and you are far away from a thousand miles

But you never talk to me
So what would it be

Shall I let you go to the delete?
Or let you live in my contact sheet?

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