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Thursday, May 28, 2009

I wish my mind would shut up, so I am blogging my thoughts.

Brendan Goh's wants (in a spoilt princess voice)
  1. I want my H&M clothes and Topman Long Sleeve Tee OUT!! NOW!! RELEASE IT!!! *mothers always thinking of a way to steal your stuff and keep it for Chinese Fucking New Fucking Year.*
  2. I am thinking of getting a new laptop skin, how does Tottenham Hotspur sound? Since I have Manchester and all plastered on my laptop
  3. Tottenham has a cute pigeon logo, maybe I should ask my aunt and go to Bayswater and get me one as a keychain, and then they will call me "The Boy with the original Tottenham Hotspur keychain"
  4. Money, God. I need money.
  5. Topman stuff, available in Kuching... Nice but afterward everyone will start wearing topman at swinburne... Hmm... Fine, Topman in Penang it is, maybe I can pester Guhan to buy?
  6. Harrods Lollies!!! Ha! That will beat the tiny ones Stephanie and co. had during accounting by a mile! Size does matter, oh and butterscotch lollies suck! Thinking of fruity and weird ones, maybe Pomegranate or Fanta Orange?
  7. The Jelly Bellies! I never tasted them... Regretting now.
  8. Bonbon a la Creme Brulee!!!! Yum!!! All the way from le Paris!!! Well, it is all the way from Paris and is now just down stairs in the fridge! I have thirteen left... shit.
  9. Am wanting more and more raunchy tees
  10. Prada Sunglasses!! Original please, have to have a glamorous image and all.

Brendan's conscience (in a mother's voice)
  1. Study accounting!!
  2. Oh god, quickly finish your assignment, you are far behind!
  3. Stop facebooking and do your accounting or assignment
  4. You will fail accounting if you keep on doing like this
  5. Don't you know that you are far behind in your marketing?
  6. Why are you blogging? You have nothing to blog! Hit the books!
  7. Can you at least leave Restaurant City alone and do your accounting and checking it at half hourly intervals?
  8. Hello? Accounting to Brendan Goh!!!
  9. Anderson is more hardworking than you! Look at him, look at the hours he spends in the library, look at how FOCUSED he is. You should have followed his lead, he is such an inspiration!
  10. Nag Nag Nag, Yap Yap Yap, Something Something Something...

Brendan's plans for future blogpost (in an agent's voice)
  1. The elevator situation is probably one of the best to complain about, seeing that it effects all Swinburnites, you can get more readership into your blog, or at least into Swintalk and get it into your blog.
  2. You should complete the new Casa La 7 episode and link it to your blog, its been in a break for so long, the second season should appear as soon as possible
  3. Your candy from Paris is also a great post it can be entitled "The Boy with the Candy from Paris"
  4. You should blog about your travels in Paris
  5. You should blog about your travels in Oxford
  6. You should blog about Cambridge too
  7. Your conscience has asked me to remind you about marketing and accounting and comparing you with some smart girl named Belinda, I asked her to shut the fuck up, not Belinda, the conscience.
  8. For your next Spotlight segment, I am thinking of Lady Antebellum with their song 'Run to You' or you can go on with Kellie Pickler and V Factory first?
  9. How about the haters post that you promised Chester?
  10. You can also blog about your clothes from London, although I think red Uniqlo pants is still in the laundry.

Brendan's wandering thoughts (the voice that never pays attention
  1. How many of my candy from Paris should I give away?
  2. Oh god, how come my feet are so flaky?
  3. Should I wear full Berskha for tomorrow?
  4. Ouch! I broke my nail!
  5. Hey I am reaching level 19 in Restaurant City!
  6. Should I invite my friends for a poolside barbie at my new summer home when its done?
  7. I should be fine with accounting right?
  8. How can I shut my conscience up?
  9. Hey! Look! Ten cents!
  10. *blank*

Brendan's shopaholic tendencies (Isla Fisher's voice)
  1. I don't have WHITE TEES!!!!!! MUst go BUY!!!!!!!
  2. Ohh, that blue shirt in Esprit... It costs 200 bucks!! Buy for marketing Presentation, I know it will pair oh so well with my Alexander McQueen pants eh oh!!!!!!! I shall be known as the 'Boy with the Awesome Sexy Blue Shirt'
  3. I am so high with Candice Bushnell, Lipstick Jungle or One Fifth Avenue?
  4. Oh, I should go look at those trashy clothing stores in MJC, who knows, I might find a good bargain
  5. Yellow colored Pants!! Ha! Preferably Skinny Jeans!!!!!! I shall be known as "The Boy with the Yellow Pants"
  6. I am so addicted to Grey's Anatomy. Buying the season 5 DVD?
  7. Garnier Eye Roller! But I already have No.7 Anti Fatigue Eye Stick which works wonders!
  8. I want No.7 stuff but its only available in the UK. I shall be known as the face of No.7, even better than 'The Boy with the No.7 cosmetics.'
  9. Shopaholic books!
  10. Oh! Lily Allen's CD! I am so over Taylor Swift now.
Brendan Goh is already known as
  1. The Boy in the Red Pants
  2. The Boy with the White Sunglasses
  3. The Boy with the most Cynically Sarcastic Blog in the World
  4. The Boy in full Berskha
  5. The Boy who has something from Topman
  6. The Boy with the most emotional attitude ever
  7. The Boy in the Pink Pants
  8. The Boy in the White 3/4 Pants
  9. The Boy with the American Accent
  10. The Boy that has a high potential to be the greatest blog ever
Brendan Goh in accounting
  1. Don't forget the posting!
  2. Discount People! Discount!
  3. General Journal is meant for posting all other entries that are not involved in the other journals
  4. Don't forget to explain the general journal
  5. Debtors Subsidiary Ledger and Debtors Control must be of the same amount
  6. Calculator
  7. Should you use blue or black ink? How about Green?
  8. Watch it with the GST
  9. Be calm during test
  10. Never forget pencil box, calculator and wallet

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Chester Chin said...

topman's clothes are really freaking expensive!! lol nvr shop there before XD