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Sunday, March 23, 2008

I hate Jay Chou!!!
Damn you Jay Chou!
Damn you
Damn you
Damn you.
Food & Tea plays the same shitty msic everyday
Its always Jay Chou this and Jay Chou that
I am Wang Lee Hom!!!
I am not part of the Jay Chou Family okay
(I will explain why later and its not because I love Wang Lee Hom, Even though I showed my affection towards him at his short concert some years ago. Ah memories, that will last a lifetime.)
But more importantly, its just Wang Lee Hom
I just want to shake hands with him
Not like those boys from RBD, now they are HOT!!!!
I fell in love with their music and them.
If Christian is divorced, single and available, well,
lets just say I will be first in line.
Plus there's the girls from Danity Kane!!!!
Aubrey, Aundrea, Dawn and D.Woods, come to Malaysia!!!
Wait a minute, go to Singapore!!!
I'll fly there!!!!
Shannon is married I think so no go there.
But I love Candice Michelle the most!!!
She is so cool!!
She has been a great inspiration for me
And so is Trish Stratus.
I think I know what to spend on
Get tickets to Wrestlemania 24!!!!

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