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Friday, March 21, 2008

I pity my blog
I have been working so much lately that I have never thought about blogging
All those orders and codes
All those food and drinks to be delivered
All those stupid ppl making a mess out of the table.
Screaming table numbers and bills
The clatter of plastic, glass, ceramic and stainless steel
The chatter of customers, some about stupid unimportant things, some about gossip, some about secret confidances
I hear a snip or two of each conversation
but never have time to listen

See, as waiters, other than being servers, they are also good observers
Especially when they have time to observe.
At those moments are a lot
But not during lunch hours of course
Like yesterday, i was so busy until i dunno where the hell i was.
It took me a moment to realise that i am WORKING in food & tea and not DINING there.
Working with restaurants, observing different types of people
Really give me a fresh, creative outlook.
Watching the world go by
With people hustlin and bustlin in their vehicles, zooming past
While the customers just sit around and enjoy their time
Having different types of delicious dishes offered there.
Meet a few funny people there
And also met a few people that I just wanna fling them through the glass windows.
All in all its just a job
I wanna earn some cash and buy something with it.
I just dunno what yet.

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