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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rock Bottom
This is seriously a down moment of my life
It sucks
Its the worse feeling that I have ever felt
That fact that you never get what you want
The fact that after 2 years of hardwork, sweat, tears, blood and time spent
The fact that my then 14 year old brother has much more of a life than I do
The fact that I toiled hours in my room
And yet, I don't feel accomplished
I don't feel satisfied
I felt... empty, alone and uncontent.
My results are shitty
They are not outstanding like others
And I felt very angry.
However, what's done is done
You grieve and you move on
With cleaning, reading, blogging and cups of tea in between.
When your results are average, you have a cup of tea
Let the aroma of the tea, soothe your unrest spirit
Let it clear your mind and frustration
And allow it to calm you.
It doesn't matter if its English like the English breakfast or Earl Gray
Or the calm Cammomile
Or Rooibos & Vanilla
Or Ceylon
Or Japanesse Seicha
Or Chinese Tea
Or even local Cameron Highlands Tea
Or even the fragrant Jasmine
Or the healthy Green Tea
Just a cup of tea will solve all your problems.
At least that's what teas are supposed to do
I prefer Ice-cream to grieve my soul
But the ice-cream in Kuching is not actually ice cream
its ice confectionary.
Don't believe me?
Read the label at the bottom.
I want some Italian Gelato
I want that goddamn Orange ice-cream with chocolate chips from that New Zealand ice-cream bar with the blue sign
I want Haagen Dazs.
And another thing
Ice cream is fattening so I have to resort to tea
I want some frappacino or arabian mocha
but i guess a soothing cup of cammomile is fine.
I find that I have a less of a temper when drinking tea for some reason

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