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Monday, March 24, 2008

I should be in school by now.
I am starting uni in july.
I dunno where to choose.
My dad is pushing me to do shitty things I don't like
Idiots giving idiotic opinions everywhere
Fuck them
I don't give a damn
What goes in, what comes out.
I am sticking to mass comm
My blood is in mass comm
I will do very well in it.
I just dunno really
I know what I want
I know what I need
I know what I love to do.
I know where my heart is
I know this
I know that
But why does my parents waste my fucking time
Always asking me to go engineering or computering
Fuck those two geeky subjects
I don't wanna be a geek
I hate physics and add math
I obviously suck at it
And my mom keeps on hailing engineering like the greeks to Zeus
And berates my Mass Comm like its Hades or sumthin
Dad is also berating, down playing it
I am sick of all this talk
Sometimes I just wanna slap them and kick their arses.
So I am slaving away at Food & Tea till July
Not sure that I am making the right decision or not
But I need to work and try to grow up.
i was at Swinburne this morning
Saw Jamie, Jia Jia, Alex, Jacyln, John and Joon Ching
Jamie, Alex and Joon Ching have the image change.
With their hair resembling the colour of my dog's shit.
4 some reason, golden blonde on asians make their hair look like dog shit.
So I am going for a Swedish Blonde.
And get an expert dye
They probably got a cheap one.
My mom actually said 'My son wanted to enrol into the university'
I was scared, shocked and close to freaking out
I thought its some kind of ploy my parents are pulling
I almost wanted to give her a Sweet Chin Music
Finally, mom realized her mistake
As 4 me
I think swinburne's not for me.

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