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Monday, March 17, 2008

Plkn quotes and catch phrases II (yes there is a part 2)

'Is this chicken or is this fish? I know its tuna but it says 'Ayam Brand'.'
by Brendan Goh

'Party Brendz'
by Mustika Dewi

'The only reason I am so nice to the canteen people is so that I can take more drumsticks'
by Az

'50 bucks just to become an alumni of this camp? I wouldn't join even if they give me 50 bucks to become one.'
by John Lau

'The only reason I go to Betong is to go to the cybercafe and play dota.'
by Ah Liew and Yeo Kian Khai

'The only reason why I joined the Methodist group is that I have more time to shop.'
by Brendan Goh

'At Bau, after you had ur lunch and shower, you sit on the bed. Before your ass warms up the place you are sitting, you get dragged down for another activity.'
by Jee Wen

'Rose? Those people actually drink rose?'
by Brendan Goh

'There's only one reason why we have fried fish everyday. There is a Manhattan Fish Market nearby and we are eating the 'Reject' pile.'
by Brendan Goh

'I ran 3.9km and my whole body is sore, even my asshole. Shitting has never been this painful and difficult'
by Brendan Goh

'So you expect us to pee through a bamboo tube whenever we want to pee?'
by Brendan Goh

'So you expect us to shit in that hole whenever we want to shit?'
by Brendan Goh

'I didn't know that chickens is nature's personal handbags! Look at them, all tied up in newspaper with a handle on top, its so adorable!'
by Brendan Goh

'Are you sure those fried balls they made are not bull's testicles stuffed with onion and sausages?'
by Brendan Goh

'Isn't the dough made for donuts supposed to be white and not orange?'
by Brendan Goh

'No matter how u make those long bean dishes, i will never ever touch them.'
by Kevin Law

'Its very easy to see who gain weight and who lost weight. The ones who lost weight will be very active and involved in almost everything. While the ones who gain will sit there, do nothing but eat canned food and maggi every night and add msg for seasoning on every meal.'
by Brendan Goh

'You know what, Betong is a peaceful town cause there is lottery stallls hanging around.'
by Brendan Goh

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