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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

All packed up and ready to go
I am off to Miri and Labuan for, I dunno how long
Cause my dad is somewhat secretive about these things (weirdo)
Why can't I have a normal one that gives me a HP Pavillion Notebook just cause I am going to college
Instead of someone who nags and complains about every single thing in life.
Still can't complain for some travelling
Have fun, alone
Meeting people
All in all, trying to be independant.
Neeways, just spending my last day on the comp
So gotta blog
Of course, camy and maxt are coming.
Which reminds me to charge them up for the trip.
Of course I will upload some pics about my travels
The only problem is I don't have the usb connnector.
Neeways, Happy Tree Friends are soooooooo funny.
If you like cute things getting mashed up then you would love it!!!
Watch it, its addictive, better than porn, i say
If you watch to much and become addicted to porn,
You need to watch it before you get stimulated and start making babies

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