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Friday, April 18, 2008

Crazy Craves
God, what is wrong with me?
I have been having a lot of unusual craves lately
And it makes me sick cause I know i just buy those things just for the fun of it.
Lets see, what I have been trying to grab off the shelves lately
There is Power Rangers SPD and Dino Thunder
I want the blue ranger and pink ranger for SPD
Yellow ranger for Dino Thunder
As for Mystic Force, I want the green one.
Then there is the Justice League characters
There is of course the maskless Hawkgirl
then Kyle Rayner
Dr. Light
Wonder Woman
Then there is the fattening Haagen Dazs and chocolates
Underwear, ie thongs and boxers
then suddenly I want loads and loads of clothes.
God can never make up my damn mind
I can spend hours choosng between two SIMILAR pairs of jeans
Lawrence, like i said,
even though they are same in design
there is a fine line between
a NAVY jean and a BLUE jean.
And you have to make sure do they look good on me.
It has to be perfect!
The Navy looks ugly but looks great around my ass
The Blue looks hot but makes me look like I got butt implants.
So this is why comparism is important
Only when it comes to outfit

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