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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

Wait a minute?

This pic doesn't look like the Big Apple Donuts & Coffee at The Spring doesn't it?

Well, first of all,

I am not as most Kuchingnites bloggers who have such a naviety brain aka SAKAI to blog aout the one at Kuching.

Where idiots like them who gladly wait for an hour just to have six overly priced and not so sweet donuts.

To me, I have dignity and I only have donuts to satisfy my hunger and not cut them into minute pieces so everyone can share and sample the donuts like its a fresh new toilet that everyone visits just to pee.

Seriously, people in Kuching really need to get a life.

Its worse than people photographing cakes at Secret Recipe, Sushi at Sushi King and Fish at Manhattan Fish Market

But not as worse as girls with long silky black hair that takes pictures of the Buttered Chicken Rice at Food & Tea ala bimbo.

So yeah its not at The Spring (gosh, its beginning to sound so... common)

Niu Ze Xui or in direct english translation 'Cow Car Water.'

Its at Ara Damansara, Niu Ze Xui is from Singapore where it has an open air mall concept

I thought it would be humid and hot .

But its actually surprisingly cool and the place is nice too.

Just don't plan to have benches at the side for you to sit on though.

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