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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Funny puns/quotes/phrases in my life.

Jenascia: Hey look, Chelsea is rubbing Ashley sun lotion
Rachel : So?
Jenascia: They aren't a couple, isn't that a boyfriend-girlfriend thing
Rachel : This just goes to show how new you are on our turf, don't worry, you'll catch up... eventually.

Mika: Alright guys, I will book us a bus and we'll be in Cabo in a few hours
Brendan: Um, Mika? What's a bus? Do we need to check in our luggage or something?
Everyone: You have been spending way too much time with Rachel.

Dalton: If you two never stop hanging out with each other, I am thinking that you guys are a guy couple.
Brendan: But we are a gay couple
Aaron: Yeah, a mistaken gay couple.

Tonya: Everyone is soooo red here.
Brendan: Well, its because of the chinese culture.
Tonya: Care to explain?
Brendan: Well, red is the colour of luck, wealth and prosperity among the chinese. Its because of a legend a long time ago. Um, Tonya are you listening?
Tonya: Huh? Owh sorry, I never realize the asian guys in Chinatown are so dreamy.

Aaron: I am so totally gonna get a cheongsam, cause I know I will look so totally hot!!
Brendan: Um, Aaron, a cheongsam is a dress.
Aaron: Owh. So why are there dudes over there wearing them?

Brendan: Hello Cabo
Rebecca: Hello Cabo beach
Brendan: Hello sun
Rebecca: Hello sand
Brendan: Hello sea
Rebecca: Hello salty air
Brendan: Hello person on jetski
Rebecca: Hello little boy
Brendan: Hello little crab
Rebecca: Hello, Todd giving Lance a blowjob
Brendan: Where?
Rebecca: Sucker

Brendan: Sorry seems to be the hardest word.
Aaron: Its okay, I forgive you if we make out
Brendan:I am NOT that sorry for you okay.

Chelsea: God, why do i feel so depressed, I mean its just a fight.
Rachel: Its okay.
Brendan: We are here for you.
Rachel: Everything is gonna be fine
Brendan: Yeah, nothing like a little Haagen Dazs can't help. Here have some.
Rachel: That's better right?
Chelsea: Yes
Brendan: You know that you guys will make up sooner or later right?
Chelsea: Yes
Rachel: You know that you love Ashley as much as he loves you right?
Chelsea: Yes
Brendan: And you know that you and Ashley had sex right, so that means something doesn't it?
Chelsea: Nice try, you two but it takes a little more than Haagen Dazs and your all so faux sympathy to bring me down to admit it.
Brendan & Rachel: Damn!

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