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Monday, August 04, 2008

Advice for Guys... Never trust Ah Lian-ish posts like these.

Okay so I found this interesting post about what guys should do when girls do this.
So this is my response
And you people oh so know that I am gonna have fun screwing it up.
Here is the advice for guys from a girl

Advice for guys.
When she acts shy - Say I Love You.
When she runs from you - Chase her.
When she puts her face near yours - Kiss her.
When she kicks and punches you - Hold her tight.
When she is silent - She's thinking of how to say I love you.
When she ignores you - She wants all you attention.
When she pulls away - Grab her by the waist and never let go.
When you see her at her worst - Tell her she's Beautiful.
When she screams at you - Tell you love her; But you have to mean it.
When you see her walking - Sneak up behind her and grab her by the waist.
When she's scared - Hold her and tell her everything will be okay cause she's with you.
When she looks like something is the matter - Kiss her and tell her not to worry.
When she holds your hand - Play with her fingers.
When she says she's cold - Move closer
When she walks away and looks in the distance - Walk up beside her and talk to her.
When she flirts with you - never turn her down or ignore her.
When its just you and her in the room - Ask her to stay a little longer.
Compliments, Compliments, Compliments!
Girls - You don't really need any tips. Just be yourself and let the boy do the work for once!

Okay now here is advice from a guy to guys who got advice about love from a girl

Advice for guys who got advice about love from girls
When she acts shy- leave her alone
When she runs from you- let her go and not chase after her like a dog
When she puts her face near yours- Say 'Did you brush your teeth this morning?'
When she kicks and punches you- Kick and punch her back
When she is silent- Silence is golden so shut up
When she ignores you- Chase after other girls
When she pulls away- You know that she is unfaithful
When you see her at her worst- Always say it could have been worse
When she screams at you- Tape her mouth
When you see her walking- Scream (insert name here) has a VPL (visible panty line)
When she is scared- Scare her even more
When she looks like something's the matter- She wants attention, ignore it
When she holds your hand- Slap it
When she says she is cold- Let her freeze ( you also cold ma)
When she walks away and looks in the distance- Prepare to be slapped
When she flirts with you- Make sure you have your wallet intact.
When its just you and her in a room- Get a condom ready
Be careful! Be careful! Be careful!
Girls- Guys need to be themselves too you know.

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