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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Travel plans...

Inspired by Andrew, I decided to formulate my own around the world travel plans.
Since I am like the most selfish and narcissistic person in the world, you bet that I will never get married early or probably even never. HAHA
I wanna travel the world!!!
So lets kick it off shall we
up first is North America!!!
San Francisco, my dream city.
Its my future home, you can say
Why? Cause its cosmopolitan and the cable cars are like so adorable
Plus I have been hooked on that city since Charmed

Manhattan. Yes, I wanna check out the REAL Manhattan Fish Market
Plus, what better place to be than New York
Times Square, Musicals, Fashion Capital of the world
In New York, everything is there and its twice the price.

Its South America!!!
Now, why Chile?
Simple really, its the country of four seasons.
Up North its summer and hot
Down south is autumn and spring
Up in the mountains?
Winter, snow.

Peru, Machu Picchu.
Its cool

South Africa is about Fashion and Savannah
What better place to check a TRUE interracial diverse culture that lives at peace.

Why Morocco?
I hear its damn beautiful and wanna check it out
And they have this interesting tea ceremony

Onto Europe
Where else better to meet SHOPPING and WINE
other than Bordeaux
Really wanna taste some good white wine

Milan a place where two of the world's largest religions gather.
Roman Catholics and Shopaholics
Heaven on Earth

Again its the scenery and food and well, lots of stuff
Plus wanna 'stalk' Bernat Quintana

Now! I lost my camera here and karangan contoh book here
So A is to find the Karangan Contoh book
(lets face it, the cam is long gone)
Plus I missed Greece

Now we are at ASIA!!!!!
Hokkaido is the first place!!!
Why? Just cause its a must!!!!

A to catch Yuna Ito
B to show that Japanese kids are more fashionable than Ah Lian and Ah Bengs

Australia/ Oceania
Okay, since Australia is like a part of Asia instead of Oceania now
I guess Brisbane counts in Asia
As for Oceania, maybe New Caledonia?

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