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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Camwhoring Revived

I am like so bored so camwhored during Ms.Hu's class.
Eyes are a little bad I know.
Looking for some eyecream now
Its all because of the stupid glasses
Making my nose oily and all
At least with contacts they ain't oily anymore

Some people have mutated flying chihuahuas
Some people have color contrast gender confused pigs
Some people have that stupid skeleton that I would so love to punch
Some people have Hush Puppies even though they can never afford one
some has some kind of tofu bean head
While the weird ones love to torture Elmo for some reason.
Torture Cookie Monster la.
Elmo so cute.
However the elite have something that will kick all of their asses
Something that is way more cute, adorable and way more classy than any of them.
Heck it even looks great when its dangling from your jeans.
Only the most privileged people can have this
and there is only one...
This thing is called

Tigra Nici!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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