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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Agglutination of Toilet Smellers at PC Fair

I went to the PC fair at the Permata Carpark place.
So first of all the place was damn crowded.
Too many people really.
Everyone from all walks of life came in to the fair
The people who have absolutely nothing to do but go there.
The wishful thinkers who knew they cannot afford it but come anyway.
The pervert who comes to 'accidentally' touch someone's ass
The criminals who come and try to sneak a few things out
and of course
the people who actually come to the fair and actually buy something

The PC fair (especially today which is the last day where there are more discounts on stuff)
has caused a mass agglutination of toilet smellers.
They come and just look at the new laptops, hogging the space as if to show that they are actually going to buy them...
And smell the sweat of the sellers.
They are literally a waste of space.
The whole place is so crowded
there is barely any air conditioning
and you STUFF yourself in to a humid, practically low ventilation room
just to fill the space and look at LAPTOPS?

Any shop got sell laptop, what's the fucking difference of looking at the same laptops with different price tags when you don't even want to buy them?
Some of us have to wade through your sweaty, sticky, smelly bodies just to get an IDE external hard drive, a 4GB flash drive and a large Epson printer.
And walk literally HALF A MILE to his dad's car.
Just because he was so SCARED that the car might get a little graze or scratch.
And imagine walking half a mile while lugging a printer that weights a TON.
Stupid toilet smellers, walk in their low class slippers and their short pants and their white T-shirts that expose their freakish man boobs.
Stupid Ah Bengs stare at that stupid big TV screen featuring some stupid warcraft game.
While drooling at its oh-so-magnificent resolutions
Lousy toilet smellers
Nothing but waste of space.
Never heard of buying what you need or you want instead of being an obstruction to an ACTUAL shopper?
I really hate Kuching.
All of them are damn sakai
Live in a city and then go to a PC Fair to look at computers and pretend that they don't know what is a computer but talk about that stupid warcraft game that has a name but I forgot about it but my brother, Darren always play it.

Oh yeah, final questions. Which is a better laptop? Toshiba, Acer, or NEC?
Also which is a better flash drive/ pen drive/ thumb drive brand
Apacer? Kingston? PQI?

Homework to do
IT: Nothing
English: Note making
Innovation and Change (IC): Individual report
Economics: Reading notes
Math: Nothing

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