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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Do you believe in magic? (Coocooron)

I went to this place called coocooron with... well, someone.
Haha, i was bored all day and like that person was bored too.
So, we decided to go out!
According to Yien Yien (2008), the Swintalk admin girl
it stands for cool, cool, romantic but abbreviated like Brangelina, TomKat, Beniffer, Brendzaaron, Danichel and Jeneric.
Anyway my date, ( if you can say la) had green tea.
First thing I thought was health freak much?
Yes I am a sucker for Oreo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anything that has Oreo, I will well... vacuum.
People, this is a warning...
In fact, I almost forgot to food whore when it came.
I vacuumed halfway then I thought about food whoring!!!
I forgot to brng my cam btw, so...
took it with my celly.

The Oreo chocolate, I give it 4 out of 5, its just something missing, milk I think
Cause I was craving secret recipe's Oreo Milkshake.

The hand stirring thing is very cute though I don't really recommend bringing kids along.
They will flick it up and slap you with it.

Ambience its... accpetable. The decor is real nice and simple but elegant
But I absolutely HATE that dangling plastic thingy. Its so tacky.
Bamboo things are cute and adds an oriental touch
Complimented by trashy Jay Chou music that is a little off
I recommend songs that are more sentimental
Josh Verdes, Colbie Calliat, Inaclanzable by RBD
Its better if there were not much people around.
If its full house, everything is gone.

The only secluded area in this place.
There is the red place at the back but its like near the kitchen, bar and toilet so no thanks

Then there is this Japanesse, Iban inspirated fusion of sitting on the floor thing
Its Japansese cause it has pillows and tables but its iban because of the floor decor and the table
Btw, they were like LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!
and ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!
Can't even listen properly to what my date is saying
We have to like arch forward and listen and stuff!!!

Final pic of the day is the coaster
When we left and reach to the ground
We can still hear their voices!!!!!
ARGH! Reminds me of Mei Shan, one even reminds me of HER
EWW!!!!!! NIGHTMARES!!!!!!!!

So what happened after that?
All can say is it was simply magical
I thank you for a wonderful night of great conversation and chemistry. (Sounds so formal)
When you come back here again, I will definitely go out with you, lol!
Plus, I can still smell your Chanel perfume on my shirt on the next day!!!!
Its sad that you have to fly to your school again but I can't wait to see you in October!!!!
Hope you are reading this cause I showed it to you!!!

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