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Saturday, August 02, 2008

All of them ignored me

Lets see my first week in Swinburne can be easily summarized in one word.
I should play that Lonely song by Akon
but I prefer to smash my head with a brick instead.

Jia Jia acknowledges me on a need to know basis
Elton well, is Elton
Ying Ying is okay but different class but still okay
Jamie is like 'Hi' and then disappears.
I don't think Hubert even knew that I am in Swinburne now
then again that guy never seems to be happy
and the last 3 times I saw him is that droopy, snoopy, bored, John Lau-ish sadness
Puts a downer on my day only.
If Hubert were to have superpowers is that when you even look at him, he will make you lazy, depressed and write stupid emo blog posts.
Plus he is so self-centered.
Alex is total M.I.A
I don't know where the hell he is
Joon Ching also M.I.A
Never seen her around although I think she is still there
Josephine went to Matriculation in Labuan
So I am pretty much alone la
And I am (for some reason) kind of shy to make new friends
Damn that NS.
Brainwashed me
I don't think I have any use anymore.

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