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Sunday, August 10, 2008

What debaters do...

I joined the Swinburne debate club... yay me!!!!!!!!!!!
(*claps excessively)
I have to say it was a real cool environment where we generally try to make fools of each other.
Still no hard feelings were felt.
I would have blogged about it yesterday
but thanks to the stupid unreliable SESCO, (the government company that puts the light in our light bulbs every night)
I can't
Cause Sarawak suffered a statewide power failure .
Its similar to the case in Sabah, about a year ago, give or take.
Usually sakai people were out on town and suddenly the whole town went black (me included)
i.e. there is a difference,
people say 'the whole Sarawak went into a blackout'
I paraphrased ' Sarawak suffered a statewide power failure'

Moving on from the Sarawak Power Failure Controversy
I went to the debate club where they introduced themselves and such
Then here comes a question.
Why do you want to join the Swinburne debate club?

Some were noble and simple and boring
'I want to improve my English'
'I want to gain confidence'

Some were about retribution
'I joined the debate club to prove my high school teachers that I can debate and win some gold to prove that and screw them cause they didn't choose me and make them regret for life.

Some were well, true
'I joined because I thought that I can meet beautiful Korean/Japanese/Singaporean girls.'

Some were just crude
'I joined the debate club because I want to make others look stupid and make me look smart.'
'I joined because I wanted to be more bitchier.'
'I joined because I wanted to learn to bullshit smartly.'

I have to say good quotes. Use on your essays kiddies! I am sure you can throw your teachers into fits of laughter, especially if you are Form 4 and Form 5 and being thought by Madam Malizan.

So the topic for the debate meeting on that day was
' Should Universities Distribute Free Condoms to Students'

There are like 5 groups
Male Students
Female Students

Guess what I got?
Oh my god.

So anyway, I am for the motion to distribute free condoms to university students, representing FEMALE students. So here's what I got:

Point 1
Its Safe: Prevents unwanted pregnancy, STD, and unwanted sex

Point 2
Its really their choice, they can use it for many purposes

Point 3
Condoms are not just for sex, they can be used as BALLOONS. Free CONDOMS mean no need to buy BALLOONS! Blow them and twist them into funny shapes or leave it like that and hang around the party venue.

Point 4
Can be used to caused scandals. Example, slip the condom into someone's wallet. Fill the condom with cum, throw it into a locker/drawer/some place noticeable and cause the scandal la. Take pic of semen filled condom, post it on your blog and say that you got fucked by someone. Camwhore with the condom.

Point 5
Acceptable in Western Countries so why not?

Point 6
Emphasis on human rights. If a girl wants to get fucked then its her right to get fucked and get her pussy annihilated.

Point 7
It educates them. It teaches them how to use a condom and Why do you need a condom in the first place. i.e. no occurence of STD, unwanted pregnancy, itchiness on the privates.

Point 8
It improves their skills. They can be better lovers. If they used condoms and practice their skills they can be even better in bed. Plus they don't have to worry much about STD or kids, they can just do it without worries.Cause condoms protects it. Not sure? Use two then.

Point 9
Gives them better career opportunities. if they practice having sex and the condom and stuff.
They can sleep with the boss and earn a promotion the same time.

So that's all I got, LOL
I am sure you find them all funny in a way
So bye for now
Brendan Goh

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